Best Ways to earn Extra Cash NOW in 2024

the best ways to earn cash in 2024

Who couldn’t use a little extra cash? Just about everyone. And the best kind of extra money is the kind you can earn on your free time, where you can clock in or out whenever you want. We’ve been on the hunt for the best side-hustles, passive income opportunities, and rewards points systems for our readers, to put a little bit of extra money back in their pockets. Here’s what we’ve found:


Well, it doesn’t get much more self-explanatory than that. Freecash is a website that will pay you up to $225 per offer to take quizzes, or to test games or apps. It’s the perfect way to earn some low-stress extra cash while you relax and watch some TV or you have some down time around the house. Since they pay you out in real cash, you can take your payments in Paypal, or even through Bitcoin or gift cards, whatever you want.

Survey Junkie

You can probably guess how you earn money from Survey Junkie. When you sign up you’re going to be asked a few questions about your demographic, so they can tailor the surveys to you, and only send the most relevant ones. And then, all. you have to do is complete each survey they send you, or is available in your account. These might be surveys on your favorite electronics brands, how often you use a type of makeup, where you like to shop, and more.

Companies are always wanting to understand consumers more, and so they pay decently for surveys to be done. That means you can earn decent extra cash just by answering questions about yourself, and cash out the money whenever you want. It doesn’t get much easier than that!


SwagBucks is one of the oldest and most trusted sites that pay you to complete tasks for them. The pretty much offer it all, so you’re sure to find something you like doing on there. What we like about SwagBucks is they also offer additional rewards for completing bonus goals every day or just for working hard, so you can earn even faster if you’re dedicated. A lot of people will just set aside an hour every night before bed and earn a bit of extra money. You can earn money for doing everything from: watching videos, taking surveys & polls, testing and playing games, and getting cash back from shopping.

SwagBucks will pay you out via Paypal, Amazon Account, or even a pre-paid VISA card they’ll send you, so your options to get your cash are pretty wide.


Another similar website to FreeCash & SwagBucks, GrindBux also pays you to complete small tasks online. These are also things like surveys or testing out a game, and it’s all simple stuff you can do in your free time. We typically like to use GrindBux when there aren’t any offers up on the other two sites we feel like doing. No need to stress ourselves out over easy money, so we like to do all the easiest offers first.

Grindbux also offers cashout through VISA card, or crypto. They have a variety of gift card cashout options available as well if you already know where you want to spend the money.


Qmee isn’t just a memorable name, it’s also one of our favorite ways to earn extra cash. There’s a lot of different ways you can earn with Qmee, and you can do it from anywhere. They have both a desktop website for when you’re at home, as well as a mobile app so you can earn when you’re sitting around on your phone too.

Qmee also offers things like paid surveys and tasks just like the above options, but they also have an option to earn money just by letting the track your search history and results. This way you don’t have to do any more owrk, you just use your computer as normal, and you;re earning while you do it.

Also, Qmee doesn’t have a minimum cashout, so you can get your money at any time. While some programs have a minimum cashout of $25 or more, Qmee lets you withdraw whatever and whenever you want. It can be as little as a penny, or as much as thousands of dollars, just depending on how long you save up your payout for!

Fetch Rewards App

Fetch is an Android an iPhone app that gives you points for any receipt you scan from any grocery store, hardware store, supermarket, convenience store, pet store, and more. There’s even bonus points for certain items, but no matter what every receipt you scan will earn you points. These points are directly exchangeable in the app for gift cards to grocery stores, restaurants, and retail stores. This is a great way to to earn rewards while not doing anything any extra work. All you have to do is scan your receipts in the app when you get home from shopping, and you’re earning rewards.

Upside App

Upside is another great app for any Android or iPhone to earn rewards. Upside specifically focuses on gas stations and restaurants, so if you pair this with Fetch, you’re getting rewards from all your most common spending. Upside can give you up to $0.25 on each gallon of gas, and with how expensive gas has gotten, that really makes a difference. You can also get up to 16% cash back at restaurants which is HUGE. All you have to do is add your credit card, activate the offer, and then make a purchase using that card within the next couple hours. Some locations even allow you to get cash back for purchasing gift cards to use at these locations, so you’re making things even cheaper!

Know of more ways to make easy Money?

If you know of any more ways to make easy money, drop them in the comments down below for other people to see! Or if you try out any of these methods, share your experience. We love hearing from our readers what works best for them, because that lets us help the most amount of people!

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