What is Emergency Section 8 Housing?


Emergency Section 8 is the policy used by housing authorities to assist applicants who are urgently in need of rental assistance. There are expedited from the typical waitlist period and rapidly moved into a home.

Homes choice vouchers help low-income households afford good, safe, and hygienic homes. Housing is not restricted to units in subsidized housing buildings which could entail single-family residences, townhouses, and flats.

Public Housing Agencies manage housing choice vouchers on a local level (PHAs). When a family is given a housing voucher, it is their responsibility to find a fitting dwelling unit of their preference, where the proprietor decides to rent via the system.

On account of the partaking family, the PHA pays a housing allowance straight to the homeowner. The family now covers the gap between the homeowner’s real rent and the program’s subsidy.

Now that you have had a glance at what the section 8 program entails, In this article, I would also be emphasizing other important aspects of the Emergency Section 8 Housing Voucher Program.

What Qualifies as a Section 8 Emergency?

There are several options for receiving instant section 8 housing selection vouchers nearby and It’s worth noting that the requester must still fit all of the program’s other requirements, such as having minimal possessions, residing in the area, and so on.

Any flat offered will be dependent on the renter’s income, with the lease on the section 8 property being 30% of the participant’s overall household income.

Participation in the system by the landlord is also required and the HCV program’s terms and conditions stay the same likewise.

The Section 8 emergency system is often known as a priority list.The decision is made using a point-based system, with a higher rating indicating that the applicant will be listed near the head of the public queue. The applicant requesting a rent voucher must also be able to find a house that fulfills their criteria.

Individuals in the following categories are eligible to skip the section 8 queues and receive an emergency voucher right away. Alternatively, they may be placed at the head of the queue whenever the subsequent voucher or unit in their neighborhood becomes vacant.

  • Seniors and the aged may be granted supportive accommodation that includes on-site medical treatment right away.
  • Mentally or physically disabled.
  • Veterans and service personnel can also get the emergency section 8 subsidy without having to queue on the waitlist.
  • Those who have been evicted from a public housing apartment.
  • Women (and males) escaping intimate victimizations may be accommodated in a shelter and subsequently transferred to the program, during any urgent situation.
  • If a person’s home has been damaged by a fire, a flood, or a natural calamity, they may be granted priority. They are, however, most likely to be housed in FEMA housing.

The Fastest Way to Get in the Section 8 Voucher Program

You must fulfill a minimum of one of those specific criteria listed above to be included on the prioritized list.

The more exceptional circumstances you have encountered, the more likely you are to be placed at the head of the list.

There is no other path to obtain section 8 speedily besides having several applicants cases, given the fact that the vouchers are just dispersed as they are released publicly. The queue can be lengthy, notably given the demand for housing support in 2020 due to the implications of the COVID-19 Crisis.

You must also be prepared to show proof of your impairment or particular condition in most cases.

Even in unusual circumstances, keeping in touch with your PHA regarding your request is critical, and maintaining contact could help you prevent waiting years.

You should also ensure that you have email access, a postal service, and a smartphone because you wouldn’t want to neglect any efforts by the PHA to reach you.

NOTE: Anyone who requests you to pay a fee to receive a section voucher swiftly is most certainly attempting to defraud you.

Getting Access to the Nearest Emergency Housing

Contact the nearest regional public housing organization to learn about emergency housing options in your area. The PHA’s contact information can be found on the HUD’s official website.

If you still have questions after contacting the local public housing authority about applying for emergency section 8 but your situation involves potential homelessness, consider contacting an emergency homeless housing center or a homeless counseling center that is local to you.

You might also seek emergency housing from a social worker or hear from local organizations in your area.

  1. Permanent Residents of Homeless Households

Homeless households can apply for permanent housing initiatives like Section 8 to help them find inexpensive long-term accommodation. For homeless and handicapped families, there is also the Permanent Subsidized Housing Initiative.

In conjunction with housing, the Permanent Subsidized Housing Program offers integrated care services to help participants gain confidence and tenanted skills, as well as link them to medical services, therapy, and work opportunities.

  1. Simple accommodation housing appeal.

Disabled people are entitled to reasonable accommodations to have an adequate opportunity to utilize and cherish a home. A simple letter is frequently used to request reasonable accommodations.

To assist you in writing an appropriate reasonable accommodation letter, a sample was given at the HUD’s official website.

Can A Felon Get Section 8 Housing?

This is a tricky question, because each Public Housing Authority has its own set of eligibility criteria, so what is ok in some places may not be so in others.

There are two felonies that automatically disqualify you and the members of your household from receiving section 8 in any state:

  • If you have been convicted of the production or manufacture of methamphetamine (Meth) in federal assisted housing or if you have been placed on the sex offenders registry.
  • If you or any member of your household has been convicted of one of these felonies, you are automatically disqualified from receiving Section 8 Housing. The Public Housing Authority has these guidelines to try and keep crime rates down in public housing.

Households in need of immediate housing have access to emergency housing initiatives in every state. The programs could be conducted by the government or by non-profit organizations.

You might also need to inquire locally about emergency housing aid programs or use internet platforms like HUD’s official website to look for emergency housing in your area.

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By Ashley T

As a professional writer, I enjoy researching Benefit Programs and writing articles and guides that are easy to follow for those who are in need of assistance.


  1. Hi Ashley,I live in a HUD subsidized apartment in Medford, Oregon.I suffer from osteoarthritis and would like to move to a warmer climate like San Luis Obisbo.Can I get a emergency section 8 voucher for my circumstances.

    1. Yes, you can get placed on the priority list for emergency section 8 housing, however that would depend on your PHA office where your application was submitted. The number of applications already available would determine how fast you get approved. You can also submit an online application on the HUD website.

      1. Hi Ashley, I’ve been dealing with alot of trauma over the last few years .. The worst was losing my daughter at 28yrs old. I went into a very deep depression and basically died along with her. While trying to deal with my emotions my partner of 11yrs became mentally,verbally and progressed to physical abuse.He was arrested for assault and went to jail. He was the source of income in paying rent as my income on SSI doesn’t come close to the monthly rent. I applied for emergency section 8 voucher ,as my name has been on the list since 2019. I had a meeting via video screen and then reviewed a letter of denial ,saying there’s no proof him living here with me. It stated right on the police report his living address right here and I feel like they have just been unfair and bias to me and my situation.The reason being, I had a voucher and they took it from me saying he was living with me when he wasn’t. I got all signed documents and proof to show that it wasn’t true and they went on hear say. When I got my voucher that was my way of not having to deal with his chaos and I finally felt free. Then they take it and I’m back to having to bring him back into the home. I feel like they put me in danger just for that reason alone. Now they are flipping it to say they don’t have proof that he lived here during the incident of my abuse. I’m very upset and disgusted in how I feel I’m being treated and denied what never should of been taken from me to begin with. I’ve been blessed to have gotten help.from an organization to help.with my rent ,but I know it’s not forever and that’s what I’m afraid of.. I’m 59 and I can’t see myself being homeless , I’m not in the best of health emotionally as well as physically and I’d love some advice on what I can do or who I can bring this matter to . There’s more incidents that they subjected me too,that had no meaning to me what so ever.Specifically a letter they sent to me that was not even meant for me and I got it on Christmas Eve day. It was a very horrific letter and I was appalled when I read it. When I called the housing office and brought it to her attention she said I made a mistake and that’s what happens when you don’t pay attention or take your time,something to that affect. So it just concludes what I’ve been saying all along ,they don’t really know what’s what here. I’m in Gloucester Ma. and I would appreciate any advice or information you can give me on my situation.Thank you janet

        1. Hello Janet, am sorry for all you had to go through. I would advise you to take all your proof of your partner staying with you and other necessary proof to the PHA office. If that doesn’t still resolve your issue, I advise you to submit a new application in another city or state to have a fresh new start in life. I wish you all the best.

      2. Mrs. Faith-

        Thank you for taking the time to respond to these texts and emails from all sorts of people in need , I am in such in need of rental assistance becuase i am 1 months rent behnd and utiities and going on almost 2 months of backed up rent and utilities. i have received multiple of letters of locked out taking plan of actions and or being close to being evicted. Can you PLEASE help me. I have already signed up for housing,Sec.8. since last year.

        In Desperate Need,
        Bobby Joe Jimenez
        The Palms Apt.
        6425 westheimer rd
        Apt. 2305
        # 346.392.3900

        1. Hello Bobby,

          Since you’ve signed up for section 8, that’s the first step. Now, you are to follow up regularly to know your status on the waiting list. This will fastrack your application

      3. What is the HUD Website in Dallas, TX, I have looked everywhere and have not found anything to apply online.

        1. Hello Nichol,

          I am sorry to hear that! But the HUD’s website is sometimes crashing unexpectedly. Maybe the best thing to do is go to your nearest Public Housing Authority Office and ask them for the requirements.

          Anyways, you can read more helpful articles here: https://affordablehousingheroes.com/

          Thank you!

  2. Hi my name is Courtney and I'm currently working full-time for Senior helpers of the East Bay and I'm living in my car due to my boyfriend threatening me and putting his hands on me , I don't really have time to go pick up an application for emergency section 8 waiting list and I'm afraid to call because my boyfriend be stealing my phone all the time .is their any way I can fill it out online or if someone can personally send the application to me via mail or my old mailing address? Please let me know asap .I can't afford to loose my job because I'm homeless and stupid Scarry problems that I feel I can't hide from

    Thank you for your time hope to hear back from you soon

  3. I have filled out what I thought was an application online,my landlord has agreed to take section 8,just unsure how exactly to fill out app,get precise information.If someone could take a minute to email back it would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Gordon,

      To get the right information on how to fill out your online application, please contact your local housing authority. You would be assigned to a housing counselor to guide you through the process.

      1. To resolve your housing issue, do well to visit the local housing authority and fill out the Section 8 housing assistance form for a faster housing response.

  4. My name is Angela McGruder I am 61 years old I live with my son and his family I have been recently and a domestic violence situation that's why I'm here I need help and finding me a section 8 housing application so I can start my life over with you all's help

    1. If you are interested in applying for a section 8 voucher, contact the local Public Housing Agency (PHA)

  5. Hi I am in need of emergency housing for me and my daughter and my grandkids we was renting from these landlords and about 3 weeks ago foreclosure papers was left on the house I’m disabled I had to retire our income is limited I get social security on the 3rd of each month we need a place to call home before Christmas if anyone section 8,emergency vouchers for a place we will gladly appreciate the house is up for sheriffs sale with limited income it’s kinda hard to come up with the security deposit and first months rent then the utilities was included in the rent so there all in shut off statues I can get utilities on my trust in GOD is still here but I know sometimes we have to reach out to others.I appreciate any all information you can provide and GOD BLESS YOU ALL HAPPY HOLIDAYS

    1. You can find out about emergency housing near you by contacting the closest local public housing authority.

  6. I receive SSI and I have been homeless for years I'm sick ,I have blisters underneath my feet. I'm very tired of struggling to have somewhere to lay my head to rest. Please help me .You can get ahold of my sister Virginia Escoto at 480-909-7420 or leave a message with project homes.on 15 ave in Van Buren st in Phoenix, Az

    1. Hello,

      Please contact your local housing authority to apply for housing programs you may be qualified for.

        1. Hello Theresa, we are only here to give you advice and information on how to sign up for the Section 8 housing assistance program and other low-income housing programs. Therefore I advice that you visit the local housing authority office in your area to fill out the necessary application required to get you on the program.

  7. I am what you would call homeless I am living here and there with friends and family but where I am at now with my boyfriend having problems of the man does not pay my boyfriend enough to work for him and doing everything that he does I don't feel very comfortable here the only reason why we came here was because we were homeless and we still are pretty much homeless so I could use assistance in about your emergency waiting list whichever I was on a list for low-income but now they have lost my application and want me to feel another one out where I was number seven on my that was through it's called lue Pyne Terrace I have been waiting sense 2017 the first time I was quilfed for a 1 bed room and they said I was #21 on the and when I called again they put me back to 160. So I tried for a2 bedroom then I was #7 now they can't find my application it's lost I'm disabled and get Ssi

    1. You have a right to challenge the Housing Authority’s on how your application got lost. Please contact an attorney on the right steps to take.

  8. Agencies like you are not helping anyone. You put up and send out these emails and you don't provide a link to get the applications. The only thing you are doing is having people go through surveys that are irrelevant to our needs. I am 52 years young and disabled from an injury in the job. I need an apartment don't have time for piddle around withe these surveys and get a bunch of calls from people and companies that are not going to help me with my situation.

    1. Hello Sango,

      Sorry about that. I agree it can be quite hard to navigate. However, we aren’t the ones sending out surveys. We only provide information to those in need of public housing. To apply for housing, please visit your local housing authority to begin your application or visit hud website.

  9. To whom it may concern I am in need of a home apartment duplex something nine months ago my leg was amputated I live with my daughter she has five children of her own I share a room with my two youngest Grandaughters I need my own space

    1. Hello Evelyn,

      Sorry about what you’ve had to go through. As a person living with disability, you’re eligible for Public housing programs, Rental assistance or subsidized housing and Housing Choice (Section 8) voucher programs. To apply, please visit your local housing authority.

  10. I’m 65 year old on a fixed income and homeless. I need help in getting a home. What do I need to do. I need a application first but the HUD OR PHA is so far from where I live Can YOU help me THANK YOU KATHY

    1. My husband and I wasn’t eligible to get housing because they said our background history but we have never did anything that would disqualify us. We are being discriminated and I don’t know why?

      1. Hi,

        Please inquire what about your background history that disqualifies you and your husband from getting housing. It would enable you know what are the nect steps to take.

    1. HUD program provides safe and quality housing for low-income families, the elderly, and those with a disability. You can start your application by getting in contact with your local PHA office in your area to check for available housing options fit for your needs. To get a list of PHA offices close to you, visit HUD WEBSITE

  11. I am currently on ssi and homeless staying at hotels and where I can.I am 49 and no kids. I please need a place to call home. After divorcing my abusive ex husband.I also have some health issues and a victim of Domestic violence. Thankyou Lisa Blevins

    1. Hi lisa,
      If you find yourself in an emergency housing situation, and feel you qualify for the Section 8 Program, you may qualify to be placed on a Priority/Emergency Waiting List with your local public housing authority for Section 8 housing. The section 8 program assists victims of domestic violence to get a safe housing but you would need to first of all apply for the Section 8 program.

    2. I left my 19 year relationship as he abused me physically and mentally he held me I’m the house tied to the bathtub naked while he would put a gun to my head. If I left him he would find me and things would be worst. I applied for many programs and they don’t prioritize nothing they send u to a shelter I can’t go to a shelter that’s the first place he’s looking for me. But the list is years shawanda said who was so rude made me feel less than on top of it my physically disabled sister lives with me and she’s homeless with me today I’m dropping her off at a hospital so she can get the care she needs and my 37 year old sister will be put in an elderly home. But sadly I have to wait years. I have all the worst criteria's I will be dead by the time my name reaches the top of the list

      1. When you applied for the Section 8 housing assistance, and while filling your preliminary application that outlines basic information about your household you ought to have included your situation, it could have hastened your application. Please call your local public housing authority to explain your situation and follow up on your application.

  12. Hi my name is michele ramirez and my family has been struggling to get a place because of low credit scores.as well as because we have a big family 7 children and including me 3 adults .my husband works and my son gets ssi checks that is the only income .we need help because we have to get a place before the end if this month we have been in a 2 bedroom apartment, they gave us untile the end if the month .because they need to remodel the apartment they said .so as you may see we need urgent help please we would really appreciate it for iur family. God bless

    1. The Section 8 housing program would put into consideration family size and income level. To get a list of the eligibility criteria, you need to contact your local housing authority to fill your application and get the necessary steps to follow. You can check the list of PHA offices by clicking http://www.hud.gov

  13. I have repetively applied for this Section 8 emergency housing. I am a senior 69 yrs old with a disability & sleep apnea. I have yet to get any success trying to use this website. I do have a learning disability which I feel is part of my problem to navigate this system. I would appreciate assistance with applying for this process.

    1. HUD program provides safe and quality housing for low-income families, the elderly, and those with a disability. You can start your application by getting in contact with your local PHA office in your area to check for available housing options fit for your needs. To get a list of PHA offices close to you, visit http://www.hud.gov

    1. HUD program provides safe and quality housing for low-income families, the elderly, and those with a disability. You can start your application by getting in contact with your local PHA office in your area to check for available housing options fit for your needs. To get a list of PHA offices close to you, visit http://www.hud.gov

    2. HUD program provides safe and quality housing for low-income families, the elderly, and those with a disability. You can start your application by getting in contact with your local PHA office in your area to check for available housing options fit for your needs. To get a list of PHA offices close to you; http://www.hud.gov

  14. I've never been in subject subsidized housing or Section 8 before I really need it I've always paid out of pocket but I can't do it now I really need your help for emergency Section 8 can you please send me the application

    1. HUD program provides safe and quality housing for low-income families, the elderly, and those with a disability. You can start your application by getting in contact with your local PHA office in your area to check for available housing options fit for your needs. To get a list of PHA offices close to you; http://www.hud.gov

  15. Hello I am in need of this or another program for the obvious reasons why I'm on this site to begin with. I have a job just need assistance with the right direction for my housing situation thank you and God bless

    1. HUD program provides safe and quality housing for low-income families, the elderly, and those with a disability. You can start your application by getting in contact with your local PHA office in your area to check for available housing options fit for your needs. To get a list of PHA offices close to you, http://www.hud.gov

  16. I need to know how to apply for emergency section 8 housing voucher. As of January 1, 2022 my family and I will be homeless. With no where to go.

  17. I'm 67 years old and I'm Disabled Retired . I'm a victim of elderly abuse of violence, verbally, and attent harm, mentally, I live in a motorhome I'm working on, the violence person contact the county to have it removed, I will be homeless, I'm on section 8 . What do I do for faster housing . ..

    1. Visit the PHA office where you submitted your application and explain to them if you can be placed on the emergency waiting list.

    1. Kindly apply for section 8 by visiting the local housing authority in your area in order to be placed on the priority waiting list. You can also go through our article on that for more insights.

  18. I am 66yrs old and I am disabled. In Nov. 2016 I applied online for Sec8 housing & to this day I haven't heard anything from them..I don't even know if I'm still on there waiting list? Ive tried calling there office for information & was told that they couldn't tell me anything that I had to go onto their office for info. I explained to them that I am homebound due to copd copd emphysema on oxygen I have no family or anyone to help with a ride & that I have no transportation myself & they pretty much said that was my problem?? It's going on 6yrs since I applied…I'm not asking for special treatment just would like to know if I am still even on the waiting list or not? I realize that there is a long wait to get on the Sec8 program & respect that..I just would like to know one way or the other so all my time waiting isn't in vain??? Would & could someone take a minute of there time to help me with this matter Please..I would appreciate it so very much! Thank You,
    Julie A. Sheppard

    1. We are sorry to hear that, you can click this link to visit the HUD website to find out how to restart your application because of the so many applications received each year, the waiting list becomes overcrowded having some applications dropped.

  19. I am going to be homeless soon and I have my 1 year old daughter but can't find a rental anywhere. What should I do.

  20. Hello my name is. Cashmere Nicholson and. I have two lil boys and. I get ssi my landlord have wrongful evid us and we have no were to go we are not from Memphis TN can someone please help me out

    1. Hello Cashmere,

      So sorry to hear this, please visit the PHA office in your area fmto apply for housing assistance. Also read the article on housing assistance for single moms (link here) to get other housing assistance options.

  21. I need some help I've been sleeping in a tent an where ever I can stay warm,I've tried shelters,I would like some help in transitional housing if so,I need help it's been so cold out here in the streets.i also have been looking for a job..no luck yet but I have some more interviews coming up just need shelter..

    1. Kindly check with the PHA office near you if you qualify for housing assistance and you can submit an application there as well.

    1. Kindly contact your local housing authority and check our article on housing assistance for single mom’s for other available housing assistance.

  22. I am homeless with my pregnant girlfriend sleeping in my car I have signed up on this site so many times but have not gotten any housing yet please help

  23. I am looking for affordable housing my income is a fixed income and I only make 995 a month . Please if you can 0lease help me find somewhere I can find a home where I'm not struggling every month to pay my rent and my utility s every month .

    1. Hello Christen,

      Contact your local housing authority to apply for section 8 housing voucher which provides affordable housing for low-income families and individuals.

  24. I have been trying to get help for my brother he's disabled and in a wheelchair in a nursing home but they say he doesn't need to be there due to the fact he has improved able to live on his own an apartment that is capable and equipped for someone with disabilities every number I get nice picture of brick wall so if any way possible could you help me give me a number send me a application for Section 8 apartment names anything that's a help I would really appreciate it thank you in advance very concerned sister

  25. I'm 58 years old and I am not on a fit income. In fact, i'm unable to find work in due to my homeless and just being release from prison after 27 years. I was been residing at a family member home but his situation is much difficult to maintain bills and feed me as I am unable to assist him with food or bills. I attempted many of time to apply online for section 8 but was unsuccessful do to my inexperience with database of fwha and pha applications to apply emergency housing. At some point I will be truly homeless. I called fwha they explained that I was unable to come to the office site. What do l need to do? I need applications to apply for emergency services. THANK YOU WILLIAM

  26. I have three children. I'm homeless. I stay with a friend or friends and I wish I could get a safer place for my three children. How can I order a voucher faster or section 8?

  27. Trying to apply for section 8 please let me know when I can I'm currently homeless in I need a place asap

  28. I have applied for Section 8 and through Indianahousingnow.org and haven't
    heard anything. I am now 3mo behind on my rent and don't know what to do next. I get all these
    emails but don't know which ones are scams. Where can I get some honest help? I'm 71 yrs old and living on
    a very fixed income. I try to keep rent paid but then I can't get my medications or pay utilities.

  29. I moved in a house for Rent. Little did I know that this house is Full Of Mold. I have asthma and this house constantly making me sick. The landlord knows the condition and he Tells me I can move out. Default the Lease. HCV is what I would like to have

    1. The housing choice voucher program provides assistance to very low-income families to afford decent, safe, and sanitary housing. To apply, contact your local PHA.

    1. You may apply for Section 811 Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities Program. To apply, please contact your local housing agency.

      1. Hi
        I am permanently physically disabled. I have a 15 year old daughter . Can you please give me any information on assistance with housing?

        1. Hi please register with the local housing authority for the section 811 housing assistance for those living with disabilities.

  30. I'm 69 years old I'm going to be having surgery I've had some disabilities in the past and I am retired I'm looking for low income housing as that I'm on a fixed income right now and any help I could get I'd appreciate it I do work part-time or housing but no way can they help me and I'm very tired I really would like a place of my own because of my health issues I'm going to be having surgery in another week please help me I'd appreciate it I'm tired of being homeless

    1. You can apply for a spot in Public Housing for an affordable apartment for low-income families, the elderly and persons with disabilities. To apply: contact a public housing agency in your state or across the country.

  31. I'm just So fucken tired of living in the Damm streets 7 years, yeah 7 Damn years, I have written President Donald Trump when he was president too help me out with a home a house to live in because I was going to become homeless and then I was & NOW Still am but I'm living in my Van but can't sleep well at night because the other homeless around keep stealing from me! My gasoline from my Van and my personal's, my food spoils because NO refrigeration, and body isn't resting right, getting worse NO RESTROOM To take a Shit, shower, wash up, and shave to get a job, and can't even hold on a job because I just can't function right and my body hurts all over because of lack of sleep, other's please get me a house so that I can continue with the little life that I have!

    1. You may apply for section 8 housing voucher. To apply for an emergency section 8 voucher, and to try to be given priority to bypass a waiting list, immediately call a local public housing authority in your town or county near you.

  32. My living situation hasn't changed to my knowledge after speaking with Tracie Mann and her assistant Diana Taylor I do qualify for EHV haven't heard from anyone I still do qualify for EHV

    1. You cannot apply directly for EHV assistance. If you believe you may be eligible, or you would like additional information, please reach out to your caseworker or your local housing authority.

  33. To whom it may concern, I'm disabled and I was in a 30-year relationship with my wife. 4 years ago she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Within that four years I learned I was a type 2 diabetic and I'm also had surgery three times. I took care of her within the last 3 months they gave her when she stayed 6 months,. She passed away September 12th 2021. After her funeral couple days later I was put out of our apartment that we stayed for the last 11 years. I have nowhere to go sleeping here and there get someone please help me get an apartment that I can afford I am receiving social security please help

    1. You may apply for Section 811. Section 811 is the Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities Program. Section 811 is the only HUD program dedicated to producing affordable, accessible housing in the community for non-elderly, very low-income people with significant disabilities. To apply for a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher, visit your local PHA.

  34. Ashley,

    My family daughter two grandchildren 2yrs girl 12yrs boy husband heart failure several illnesses not able to walk, myself just had stents in my heart tumors and more. We were evicted was even offered money to get out fast. After living there after a year and a half we were told we were put in the wrong apt. Suppose to be in a 2bedroom instead of 3,asked why since there were 3 adults and 2 grandchildren we were told MY daughter and granddaughter were not on.we put them on said they couldn't find it. So we could move in a two bedroom but split my family my daughter and her daughter had to go. Fought it best I could then covid we stayed would pay rent they stopped taking it and would slide the money order in door never new when one of my money order was stolen. Any way we are homeless so much more to being mistreated.
    Sincerely, Sherri

    1. Hi Sherri,

      Sorry about what you’ve gone through. Please find your local Public Housing Authority to apply for housing programs you may be eligible for.

  35. I would like to know, already approved for Section 8 I got something in my email already found a place but I don't know how would I go about getting the papers to the plate approved

    1. Hello,

      Congrats. Your first step is to attend the Section 8 orientation, where you will receive your rent assistance voucher and learn how to use it. All new participants are required to attend the Section 8 orientation. The purpose of the orientation is to provide you with all the information you need to be a successful Section 8 participant. At the orientation, you will receive your voucher.

  36. Im new here in va its been a struggle for me to get your PHA here to do there job i came here on disability been on 22 yrs put my name on every list available im using my insurance for help i do have medicaid and medicare never been to jail in my life aquired a job and still homeless yes i do need help contact i need a home to live in i been on your streets for 2 yrs now and still no assistance at all and still waiting what do i have to do die out here i fill all your requirements for the program whats realy the hold up 804)546-7537 sign still waiting

    1. The HUD-Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) program combines HUD’s Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) rental assistance for homeless Veterans with case management and clinical services provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Please visit your local PHA to apply.

  37. My name is Marvin N Payne and I need a section 8 voucher for an apartment. I am disabled and got to have surgery on my left knee ASAP and a mental health problem. Will you please help me

    1. HUD’s Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program helps very low-income families, the elderly, and people with disabilities afford rental housing in the private market. Please visit your local PHA to apply.

  38. I am a single man , on disability from an on the job back injury. Looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom until, for comfort.

    1. Hi Lloyd,

      To get housing, you would need to apply at your local PHA. There, you would get help on how to go about it.

  39. I am in need of Emergency Housing for myself and my granddaughter. We now reside with my daughter, who wants to put us out within 3 months. I get a pension, from State of Florida from being a Retired Educator. Need Help-larrylisa07@yahoo.com

    1. Hi Lisa,

      To apply for an emergency section 8 voucher, and to try to be given priority to bypass a waiting list, immediately call a local public housing authority in your town or county near you.

  40. I have applied for low income housing in los Angeles county government almost 27 months ago and still waiting for it.

    I am 65 and my husband is 74 years old. Each time I enter in this site it is very complicated and I am not sure that have

    completed all the required process. Please let me know where am I and what have to do.

    1. Hello

      To ensure you’ve done all that is required of you, please speak to a local HUD counselor by visiting your local HUD office.

  41. Yes I am disability and mental illness have a breathing tank and I’m trying to get on Section 8 and I can’t get no help for nobody

    1. Hi,

      Apply for section 8 at your local housing authority. When you apply for Section 8 housing assistance, the first step is to submit a preliminary application that outlines basic information about your household. Ensure you input in this application your disability and mental illness with a medical proof from a doctor. It would help give you priority.

  42. I’m 66 years old. I lost my husband December 15th 2021 and my entire income is $815.00 per month. That’s all that I get to live off of and it’s not enough because I can’t pay the house payment and the rest of the bills. I’m looking for a part-time job but I’m limited to what I can do because my mobility is bad. I can’t bend, I have a limp because of a hip replacement that was done in 2016. I’ve had 2 lower back surgeries and I’m going to end up losing my home. Pleas, I am having problems getting on this list and I desperately need help or I will be homeless. I have 1 pet. Just me and him. All I would need is a 1 bedroom apartment. Please help me.

    1. Sorry about your loss. Please apply for section 8 at any local HUD office near you. As an elderly – being over 62 years of age, and also living with disability, you would be given priority

  43. I went to Denton to Our Daily Bread and filled of app. To qualify for housing. I qualities for the fast track or emergency housing but I have yet to get my voucher or even talk to anyone that is suppost to be helping me. I have made emails and phone call to the worker thT did my app. With me that day only to find out that she sent it out to agen ys thT r suppozt to help me. Now when I checked with the Hud web site to locate my spot on The wit list there is no record of it any where. I’m still homeless and I. Need if housing desperately. What happened to my case and what am I suppost to do now? And where is the emergency help I suppost to be getting ?

    1. Hello,

      You’re to apply at your local PHA, then you would be assigned to a housing agent who will help with your registration. Once your application has been accepted, you would be placed on a waitlist. I believe if you follow the process I mentioned above, you wouldn’t have any problem of not finding your record on the HUD website. Please do that soon.

  44. I need help doing section 8 emergency housing. My disability is that I am going blind with the law saying I am blind. I also have other things that disable me. I need to do the contract or application. I don’t know know who I should direct myself too. Please help. I am almost out in the street for something that wasn’t even in my hands. It’s unfortunate. This was supposed to be my forever home. 214-578-1144. I really do need help!

    1. Please apply for section 811. The program helps persons with disabilities to live as independently as possible in the community by subsidizing rental housing opportunities which provide access to appropriate supportive services. For more information about this, please visit http://www.hud.gov. You may also go through our article here.

  45. I been homeless 2 months now I need my own place good neighborhood and quiet community safe where I’m at now with family members at this time looking for 1bedroom 1ba Clarksville Tennessee apartments I hope to be my places very soon I’m pray for that thank you

    1. Tennessee Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program helps low income families living in the state of Tennessee find affordable housing through rental assistance provided by local Public Housing Agencies (PHAs). To apply, contact or visit your local Public Housing Agency (PHA). Some PHAs have long waiting lists, so you may want to apply at more than one PHA.


    1. Hello,

      Sorry about what you’ve had to go through. To get more information on your options, please contact your local HUD office to talk to a housing counselor.

        1. Hi Yolanda,

          you can submit an application online if it’s still difficult to submit one at your local housing authority office.

    1. Applications are usually available online, by mail, or in the housing authority’s office. Housing authority public notices and websites will state the methods on how to apply. The application must be obtained per the housing office’s instructions

    1. Hi Lovie,

      To get housing assistance, you have to submit an application at the nearest PHA office or online via the HUD website.

  47. I need emergency section 8 housing. I’ve been what I thought applying for section 8. Then I would get email saying to check the waiting list. To see we’re I’m at. I don’t know if I filled out the application or not, can We I please get help.


    1. Hi, in order to get on the section 8 waiting list you have to submit an application with your local housing authority.

    1. Hi Clifford,

      Kindly check back at the PHA office to get information on what the cause of the delay may be.

  49. My name is Grace Flores iam 58 yr old I have my grandson stayed with me .I raise him when he was 6mo old now he 9 yr old I need sec 8 to help me please I just get SSDI and I get 988 month and food stamp I had my apartment but it was get a little hard for me try stay with my in2019 for my son to get know he’s son we still with few months but he’s wife told we had to leave after I pay rent so went live withy daughter but boyfriend is getting tired of he just wants us to leave I understand because they have two babies he wants to fix the room for he’s baby by we need to leave by 5/4/22 please help us pHA choice sec 8 thank you

    1. hello Grace, you should visit and speak with the officials at the local housing authority office in your area. You can also apply online for section 8.

  50. I’m getting evicted on 03/14/22 I have been looking and applying for apartments and nothing can you please help me

    1. Hello Rosalva,

      So sorry to hear about this, if you have applied for section 8 and it’s taking so long, you can check back with the PHA office where you submitted your application to know your status on the waiting list or you check on the HUD website.

  51. I just want to get on section 8 so that I can move to fl . To be with my family and all . I just get 841.00 a month .

  52. I am a domestic violence victim, Living in my car for 2 years, can you help me, I have a job just can’t afford to pay market rent

    1. Hello, the HUD has no tolerance for domestic violence and as such are available to help victims get an affordable housing of their choice. Get in touch with the PHA office and submit your application while stating your current housing conditions. All the best.

  53. I’ve been trying to get on section 8 for years I suffer from back problems neuropathy high blood pressure anxiety depression will somebody please contact me and let me know how to do this right because I don’t understand some of it leads me to Medicare and I don’t have Medicare I have Medicaid so I stop so I don’t know if I completed the application or not I just wanna know how to apply if I’m doing it the right way or not I tried to get on Florida‘s Housing # list years ago try to contact them back they won’t even Contact me back send them a email i’ve been renting a room for years I need my own space thank you please somebody call me And let me know how to apply the right way from doing it wrong thank you

    1. Hello, in order to apply the right way for the Section 8 housing voucher, you can either visit the HUD website with the link right here to fill out an application or you contact the PHA office in your area. You can also get the list of PHA offices close to you from the HUD website. I hope this helps you.

  54. I am in need of a place to live I stay with friends but their space is limited and they’re asking me to find a place or get out. I have no other options please help me.

    1. Please go on to the nearest PHA office or the local housing authority to fill out and submit an application for Section 8

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