How Do I Find Section 8 Housing?

How Do I Find Section 8 Housing?

The 4 Simple steps to find a section 8 apartment

Section 8 actually refers to the updated HUD program called the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV). Which gives accepted applicants the ability to choose their own home.

In this article we address the simple steps of finding an apartment that accepts section 8 vouchers.

Steps such as, where to look online, how to contact a Public Housing Authority, working property managers and realtors that can help you find an apartment that accepts section 8 or housing choice vouchers.

Step 1. Contact your Local PHA (Public Housing Authority)

So you qualified and are now eligible to received your Section 8 Housing Voucher; now where do you find an Section 8 apartment or home that will accept your voucher?

The easiest and most direct way to find Section 8 housing is through your local Public Housing Authority or the Public Housing Authority in the city or county you are looking to live in.

The first step would be to find the contact information if you haven’t already, or website for the Public Housing Authority where you want to live.

 If you need help finding Public Housing Authority offices near you, the HUD has a tool that can be of service. Click HERE and once the page loads, all you need to do is select your state and you’ll see a list with all the PHA offices and contact information for each.

Step 2. Search multiple online sources for Section 8 listings

You can usually find Section 8 apartment information online by searching for the city or county, and the search terms housing choice vouchers near me, local Section 8 housing, affordable housing, or public housing authority. You can also use a PHA database on HUD’s website.

Some local housing authority sites will require you to call, email or come in person to obtain the most up-to-date information on available Section 8 housing.

Some local public housing authority sites simply have a list of apartment buildings and units that accept Section 8 housing vouchers.

Some local sites might allow you to enter search terms within their site, and pull up the applicable Section 8 units and buildings from a compiled database.

It is always a good idea, however, to reach out to the public housing authority to see if their list and/or database have been recently updated.

Keep in mind that each Public Housing Authority office does things a bit differently, and so do landlords. This means that what some might accept, others won’t, so it would save you time, and maybe a few headaches, if you make sure you meet all the requirements of the property you’re interested in beforehand.

Step 3. Search private homes that accept Section 8 Vouchers

If you are looking for privately owned, subsidized housing to use your section 8 assistance, such as a single family home, you can try searching regular, market rate rental home search sites, or by contacting your local Public Housing Authority.

Often times, if a private owner accepts Section 8 vouchers, the owner will state this in the posting for the home.

Websites also exist that have compiled their own database of single family, or privately owned housing that accepts Section 8 housing vouchers.

Often times, landlords will submit their property to these websites to add to the compiled list for advertising.

It is important to note that many of these properties listed may not be vacant, so do not get your heart set on one. Instead, compile your own list of a bunch of properties to contact.

Step 4. Contact a real-estate agent or property manager

You may also be able to find a realtor to help you find a section 8 home for rent. It never hurts to call around, and ask local realtors if they have any section 8 rental properties available to see.

Another way to find available Section 8 rental homes is to reach out to local property management companies. The property management companies might manage qualified Section 8 housing for their landlords.

Bonus step. A universal rule to almost any rental situation, persistence and follow-up

The process to find a house or apartment that accepts your Section 8 voucher can be tedious and frustrating, but hopefully we’ve made the process a little less stressful for you.

Do not be afraid to reach out to the Public Housing Authorities in different areas, and follow up with them multiple times until you find something that meets your needs. Remember, persistence is key!

Rentals and section 8 apartments are extremely competitive given the COVID-19 impacts on the economy. Now, even more people are looking for section 8 assistance.

Fortunately, President Biden’s plan for Section 8 Housing proposes to expand the Housing voucher program, in a 10 year plan, providing billions of dollars to the program and covering everything from the construction of more affordable housing to eliminating discriminatory practices that only perpetuate discrimination. This means more people will be able to receive Section 8 aid and waiting lists should be much shorter!  

Give yourself the best chances by being persistent in your pursuit to find the right home.

By Ashley T

As a professional writer, I enjoy researching Benefit Programs and writing articles and guides that are easy to follow for those who are in need of assistance.


  1. Well I hope my info will not be shared with the public or published , I was wondering if uuuuuu can tell me if I’m on the list for Hud ???? Section 8 . I’m not computer smart and I have no one to help .so can uuuu please inform me .

    1. Hi,

      To know if you’re on the list, you can call your local public housing authority every 2-3 months to confirm that you’re still on the list and whether you’re moving up. You can also call your local HUD office and request the same information.

      You can also check your status online. HUD offers a Wait List Check functionality that will allow you to view the status of your online application. You’ll need to visit and be prepared to submit your name, year of birth, and Social Security number unless you’ve already set up a password.

    1. Hello Catrina,

      Section 8 offers housing assistance foe the disabled, check with your local PHA office to submit an application.

  2. I’m still confused on section 8 housing. Is it for apartments or houses? (New built HUD homes)
    Fixer up homes??
    I’m 74 yrs my name is Eileen Brannon
    ***************/ phone **********
    Our rental lease is up this August.

    1. The section 8 housing voucher is for low income families and individuals who need housing assistance. Upon approval, you can decide which type of housing is suitable for your needs.

  3. So do I have sections 8 or had I want to know so I can look for me a place for me in my son

    1. To confirm if you have a section 8 voucher approved, kindly confirm with the PHA office or check your status on the waiting list here.

      1. I am on waiting list and I am about to be homeless once again on 3-9-22 and I have a associate that has offer to rent me his camper for 300 a month but I am unemployed cause i been staying place to place and cant get established enough to get or keep a job so what i need to know is is a camper acceptable for a voucher and if so what do I or we have to do to get it THANK U

        1. Hi Wendy,

          to find out if a camper is accepted, please discuss with the PHA office in your area to get more details

  4. I am a single mother struggle to keep up with a place for me and my son I need help to get a section 8 house what should I do I dont know where to turn

    1. Hi, kindly register for section 8 here on the HUD website and you can also check for other types of affordable housing when you read our previous article on housing assistance for single moms.

  5. I have been waiting to get help for years and I don’t have children and I would call that discrimination and I put in my appreciation I then it turns into a health insurance plan to buy and u can’t the appreciation and now I had to do a 15 month lease were I rent no one ever has helped me and I would love to get into a house because I have 2 small dog and I can’t have then live with me for 3 years and they are my mental heath dog’s

    1. hello, kindly discuss with your local housing authority and they would find a perfect program suitable for your needs.

  6. I need assistance I’m renting a room for 750 I’m on social security and can’t afford to rent a room and save at the same time to get a one bedroom for myself I need help and I don’t really know much about his or section 8 I applied online but I’m not sure where I stand if someone could get back to me my name is Brandon Mangum and my number is ********** thank you so much in this matter.

    1. Since you have tried applying online and can’t seem to understand it, I would advise you to visit a physical PHA office. You can get a full list of the office close to you right here.

  7. My family and I need section 8 every time we move into a home the re t is high and we always have to deal with a slum lord things are always breaking down or eventually not working

    1. hello, you should apply for Section 8 housing assistance to get housing assistance for you and your family. This will also assist you in paying the rent.

  8. How to get in touch with senior disability housing? I called Hollywood Housing and just directed to no help website. I need housing by March 30th. There is no legal housing help fo seniors. Legal Resources sent me 6 attorney list and not one of them is aware of senior emergency housing help. Coast to Coast Legal Services listened to issues but would not help me with a mediation hearing. Yet all agencies I contacted referred me to them!

  9. I am receiving SSI and I am homeless living at the shelter looking for Section 8 or low income housing for senior living I’m 62 years old

    1. To get low-income housing assistance for the elderly, you should apply for section 202 which is focused on assisting the elderly to get good housing.

  10. Hello! My name is Emily. I am 73. I will be homeless soon. There is a condo coming open in my complex soon and the owners would like for me to lease it. They have said they would be happy to work with a Section 8 with me. I don’t drive. Can I get an application online? If now, how is the best way for me to get one.
    Thank you for the service you provide. It is invaluable. I have learned so much!
    I am grateful for your time.

  11. I am looking for a one bed room apartment asap I live with family members and it’s not working out

    1. Hi, to get affordable housing, fill out and submit your application at the local housing authority or PHA office near you.

    1. Hello, please submit an application for Section 8 housing assistance by getting in touch with the PHA office near you.

  12. I’ve lived at fig garden villas aka tower of Manchester for 15 years we all 93 units have been given notice to vacate there is nothing available now we have housing shortage no where to go told just get out no help nothing we need help elderly and all are facing homeless futures building is being renovated no heart just greed

    1. Hi Anita, sorry to hear about the eviction. However, you can visit the local housing office in your area to state your complaints and housing needs. They are in the best place to guide you and provide the necessary steps in getting you a new place. Wishing you all the best.

  13. Good Evening my name is Roderick J. and I was in the section 8 waiting list for 12 years and a few ago I called in to see where I was on the list to hear they said that they sent a letter to up date my information which never received and I am trying to set a hearing to get the help needed I am on disability and do the covid 19 pandame the cost of rent is so high I am afraid I will be homeless if I can get the help I need can so look in the my case for my date of birth is February 13 1964 and my telephone number is *** and I stay ***** or can I get some kind of rent assistance to move I. Affordable apartment

  14. My wife an I are homeless I was hit by truck, said my fault. Hospitals an nursing home then wife 3 aneurisms 2 emergency sygry loss memory still has1 an were homeless we need a home bad. I filled out an checked said wasn’t on list then office said they are not excepting . please help.

  15. I’m 53 years old, I had three strokes and a heart attack plus I’m SSI I need an apartment or a house (emergency section 8 or HUD housing) to move into but I don’t have a car I don’t know what city in Michigan to go at and don’t have a ride. Please help

  16. Yes, I would just like to know if someone could help me with going about submitting an application for Section 8 Housing? Please? I’ve been homeless nearly all of my life. And, I just want to make a nice & steady home for my babies to be able to go and, see to spend time with me & visit. Would someone please, be so kind as to to help us out? Lol..

  17. Hey my name is Antonio I’m looking for a place to stay at the moment I have filled out for PHA AND SECTION 8 just wondering how long is the waiting list an how would you know how far on the waiting list you on…

    1. Hello Antonio,

      Good day!

      You can always check your status from this website:

      Also, you can read more helpful articles from this website:

      Lastly, If you are a person who is struggling or you have a family member, friend, or anybody struggling to get a home or is currently homeless, join us to discuss these topics and let us help each other.

      We love to hear your heartful thoughts on some matters regarding the housing programs and situations in the United States.

      Pls come and join our growing community:

      See you there, thank you!

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