How To Get Low-Income Housing Fast 

 September 20, 2021

By  AHH Staff

 Low-income housing assists individuals and families that do not have a home. Homelessness is a rising issue, and it is often that those that need help immediately don’t get help fast enough or at all. 


Keep reading to learn how you can get housing fast when you are struggling.

What Programs Are Available To Help Find A Home?

There are two different programs you can look to when you need housing.

First is the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD); this program provides safe and quality housing for low-income, elderly, and those with a disability.

Second, Continuum of Care (CoC) is a program that provides funding to quickly house those that are homeless or in transition because of a disaster.

When you think of housing, we often refer to Section 8, now named Housing Choice Voucher, but this is only a fraction of what is available.

HUD Programs

  • Housing Choice Voucher – You can find a home of your choice from a private landlord at a subsidized rate.
  • Public Housing – Government-owned apartments and homes at a subsidized rate.

CoC Programs – Run through non-profit organizations but are funded by HUD

  • Rapid Rehousing – Like the Housing Choice Voucher, but they have homes readily available to you faster than Section 8 (HUD).
  • Permanent Supportive Housing Once you’re approved, it is permanently available to you and completely paid for you. This program is available for more complex situations like those with drug addictions or mental illnesses.

Which Housing Program Can Help Me Fast?

Of the programs between both HUD and CoC, getting help from a Rapid Rehousing Program will benefit you faster than going through Section 8 or Public Housing. Rapid Rehousing will get you in a home as soon as possible within 30-60 days, while HUD could take more than 1-2 years, which is the average.

Rapid Rehousing is a better option because it is easier to meet requirements. This program is readily available for those that are homeless or nearly homeless. Homelessness, by definition, is when you don’t have a home.

Meaning, you don’t have title to a home, or your name isn’t on a lease. Homelessness counts even if you’re staying in an extra room of family or a friend.

How Can The CoC Help Beyond Housing?

With any assistance program, they want to see an improvement in your situation. Additionally, due to funding, the program can’t help forever.

The CoC’s ultimate goal is for you to be independent. But they will give you all of the assistance you need to get there. Here are a few alternative methods that the CoC Rapid Rehousing program will use to help you regain independence.

  • Wean you off of their housing assistance. As you start becoming more financially stable, they will wean you off their assistance to keep you from becoming dependant. However, if you’re unable to be independent, then their program, Permanent Supportive Housing, is a better option for you.
  • Get you in touch with affordable and necessary medical or mental health assistance. While they can’t directly help you, they can assist you in applying for assistance through other programs.
  • Transportation Assistance. Get you to and from appointments or place of employment.
  • Utility Assistance. Help pay all or some of utilities such as water and electricity. Help pay for all or some of your deposit on utilities.
  • Child Care. For families with small children, you can rest assured that your children are in a safe environment while you are working for free or at an affordable rate.


If you find yourself struggling to keep your head above water, look to the Continuum of Care (CoC) Program, Rapid Rehousing. This program will get you into a home within 30-60 days, faster than Section 8 or Public Housing. Beyond housing assistance, this program will assist you when applying to other programs that will help with health and childcare. This program truly cares to get you back on your feet and towards your independence.

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  1. I’m interested in the rapid housing program, I recently became homeless due to covid! I had to move out of my apartment because I could no longer pay rent, I lived at my apartment for 10 years prior to Covid I was assisted minimally by Texas Rent Relief, but they took to long with help after I requested additional assistance, and was evicted I’m 64 years old and on retired social security and snap program, I could use any assistance in finding a place to live!

    1. To get in touch with the CoC program, you can do so by first of all getting in touch with your local housing agency to submit applications for the program or call directly on: 617-573-1390

    1. To get in touch with the CoC program, you can do so by first of all getting in touch with your local housing agency to submit applications for the program or call directly on: 617-573-1390

    1. Hi, the PHA program assist in paying utility bills which is called the “utilities allowance” and this can help you in taking care of some of your bills. Youu can contact the PHA through your local housing authority to find out your eligibility and steps to apply for this Section 8 program.

  2. How do I get in touch with Continuum of Care to apply for the program? Is there a phone number or email? Thank you for reaching out to me.

  3. Hi my name is luanne I'm in a hotel since September 1 2021 I got flooded out of my apartment and lost everything I need help with housing and applying for section 8and get a application for section 8 mailed to me and get low income housing I'm on disability

    1. Hi, the Section 811 is a government housing program which is specifically made available for the disabled with low-income. To apply for the Section 811, you have to get in touch with your local housing authority which can get a list of PHA offices nearest to you by clicking this link Also, you can submit your application at without having to go to a physical office if that is convenient for you.

    1. you can check with your local housing authority for possible housing relief options available or they can in turn pair you with a nonprofits to render further assistance. Contact HUD through this link:

    1. the Section 202 housing program is for the elderly in the society with low income. Through the partnership of HUD and nonprofits, the elderly aged 62 and above can get affor housing. Contact the nearest HUD office through this link: or call (800) 955-2232 (Toll-Free).

  4. I am in need of housing immediately I am getting kicked out of here because my landlord is unfair she's discriminative and I am getting blamed for things that I don't even do I need a house immediately I go to court on the 8th and I do not know what is going to be said please help me

    1. landlords are prohibited from discriminating against people from renting houses because of their race, religion, nationality, and disability. Housing discrimination is prohibited by law and regarded as a criminal offence. Any tenant who is denied housing rights or inability to rent a property can take up the case and report such a landlord to the appropriate authorities, and justice is ready to be served to anyone caught in the act of home bullying. You can contact HUD to file your report and get further assistance through the link:

    1. Hi Janell,

      To get in touch with the CoC program, you can do so by first of all getting in touch with your local housing agency to submit applications for the program or call directly on: 617-573-1390

    1. To get help for emergency housing, it is important you contact your local public housing authority on how to apply for Section 8. If you have a situation that centers on potential homelessness, you can save the situation by contacting a homeless counseling center or emergency homeless housing center in your local area for immediate assistance.

  5. I'm on disability. I'm staying with family member homeless. I trying to get my own place but having trouble cant pay rent and depoist all at once .. have 6 kids grown and I'm trying to be a mom and have my own place I'm 46 years old . I need help dont no what low income places .I been trying to sighn up for emergency help please I'm desperet

    1. The Section 8 program assist people with disability and in need of emergency housing. If you qualify for the Section 8 program, you may be placed on an emergency waiting list but you have to contact your local public housing authority. You can check here for a list of PHA office in your area to get in contact with.

    1. To get in touch with the CoC program, you can do so by first of all getting in touch with your local housing agency to submit applications for the program or call directly on: 617-573-1390

  6. I nd help with my rent I'm disabled and my son is disabled and we can't get no assistance in housing please can u help us thank you and God bless you

    1. You can apply for a Section 811 voucher which is a federal rent subsidy for low-income tenants living with disability. The Section 811 voucher is administered under the same rules as the Section 8 voucher which means you need to contact your local PHA office to start your application.

  7. I have been homeless now since August 13, 2021.

    Can't seem to find a place due to my credit score being 601.


    Rhonda Chiddister

    1. To apply for rapid rehousing program, you need to check your eligibility in order to qualify for a rental assistance. To check eligibility, visit your local housing agency or click here: for further assistance.

      To get in touch with the CoC program, you can do so by first of all getting in touch with your local housing agency to submit applications for the program or call directly on: 617-573-1390

  8. Where and how do I apply for rapid rehousing program? Who do I need to contact? Also where do I get a case manager?

  9. I'm a homeless unprotected vet that needs emergency housing under the CoC or the Rapid Rehousing Program. Please get in touch with me ASAP, please.

  10. Hi my name is Damark Wilkins and I'm in need of this rapid re-housing. I'm sick of being stuck outside living homeless. I would rather have a home and live just home — less …so please if you are willing to help me please do my email is thank you for your time .

  11. Thank you so much for that information, really lost and no guidance. So where do I go to apply for rapid house assistance?

  12. I am interested in the rapid housing program. I stay with a friend but we have no heat or water, i am on SSI and medicaide and need a place asap

  13. It's all bulshit there's no such thing as an emergency they don't help you have to be on a waiting list and God only knows how long it would take I'm homeless now for over a year and this will help out there for me.

    1. Because of the high demand of affordable housing, and comparatively low supply, it is not rare to be on a waiting list for several years. Also, the Section 8 and Public Housing programs tend to have the longest waiting list. To however gain priority, you can call your local public housing authority every 2-3 months to confirm that you’re still on the list and whether you’re moving up. You can also call your local HUD office and request the same information.

  14. Yes I'm going to I'm on the verge of being homeless while I am homeless but you know I'm still making it I'm still going to drive to make it cuz that's all I can do I'm just need to South Carolina and I just got to let go of my job it will seasonal but you know everything works out for a reason and I just need to find a home to be stable in I said my brother but I'm also being pushed out

    1. Hi Darrius,

      Please visit the Public Housing Authority in your state to check check for housing benefits you qualify for.

  15. Good morning, my name is Paula Shine. I am struggling to keep my families heads above water. Please provide me with the information 'Continuum of Care (CoC) Program, Rapid Rehousing. The landlord where we are renting is a very horrible person. We moved into this house on March 1, 2019. The rent was $1,795.00 a month. March 27, 2020, she raised the rent again to 1,995.00. The following year, March 27, 2021, she raised the rent rent again to $2,75.00. She raised the late fee to $100.00, and a three day notice fee $100.00. My daughter asked the landlord will you be raising the rent for March 27, 2022 ? The landlord replied and said, "No". On January 6, 2022, we received a a letter written by the landlord Cheng Tong, stating that they are raising the rent up to $2,280. The late fee will be $150.00, three day notice fee $100.00. This lady is very impossible. Before moving into this house I explained to this lady that I will be late on my rent due to I have a medical disability and my STD checks are not always on time and they may become late. I asked her do she understand? Cheng replied by saying, 'Yes'. I continue to repeat this over and over again. Me and my daughter paid the late fee with no exception. Me and my daughter continued to keep open communication with her. We had a verbal agreement. Not only did we pay the late fee when we are late, we also paid extra money to her when we paid the rent on time to add to our rent for the following months to come. Cheng Tong took the extra money which we had sent for our rent and put it in her pocket instead of applying it to our next month rent. I feel that we are being taking advantage of. We asked her what happen to the extra money we sent with the rent? She has yet to respond. I have been asking her the replace the garbage disposal since October 2021. She asked me to send her a video of the garbage disposal, and I did as she requested. She replied, "It seems to be working to me". I replied the motor is going out because it is humming. She replied, " If you all broke it, I'm going to charge you for it, plus the service fee, for the person to come out to fix ". I responded to her remarks by saying, "We didn't brake the garbage disposal, it just stopped working". Please help, Paula Shine. Email

    1. Hello Paula,

      For more information about this program go to the HUD Exchange site. For additional resources for homeless persons or persons at risk of becoming homeless go to the Housing and Homeless Assistance page. Also, you may choose to visit the HUD office in your state.

  16. I think reading This truly inspired me, however I am a single struggling mother of 6 I live with family and I am trying to keep my family together with only 2 bedrooms to work with one bed and a couch it’s been very hard , no vehicle and I would absolutely love to be able to apply to this program as soon as possible i am unaware of resources that are available to me I hope I can find my way to help after reading this , a weight was lifted off my shoulders as I read through this article in hope that things can change for me and my children I hope that someone will reach out to me and guide me into the right direction stability is the goal for me it is the most important thing That I as a mother needs for my children I am struggling as a single mother and I had my children so close together life and reality hit me hard and I had no clue how hard this was going to be I am hoping to get information on how to apply to this Continuum of Care (CoC) Program, Rapid Rehousing. thanks so much

    1. Hi Whitney,

      There are housing benefits you may qualify for as a single mother. To apply, contact a public housing agency (PHA) in your state.

  17. Im homeless been looking to get on section 8 i just moved to Houston area in October my medical correspondent has been helping me to get on the program also but aps want take the case cause of my age i have health conditions to deal with and kids that i need to get shelter for soon and im on my last leg dont know where to turn i go to these websites that say they are for section 8 but get call back for insurance. Im having to leave the place were im at due to the fact there to many of us there,and i have to go tend to some personal matters back home but even back home i dont have a place to stay due to domestic violence &sexual assault i have been in safe house hereand was kick out because i found out what the manger was doing and i spent my last dime on that place so that not another option that i want take with kids with me when i get back im on a set income and government assistance and i really need youll help please

  18. Please help me my husband Malcom Everett passed away on November 19th 2020 I am about to lose my home I have no where to go.

  19. I am running out of time. I quality for several programs and grants. There are no applications, to fill out, on the internet. I have left several messages, with no response. Could someone please get a hold of me so, I have more options.?

    1. Hi Angela,

      You can apply online, by mail or at your local housing authority’s office. For further assistance, please contact the HUD Office nearest to you

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