How To Find Free Furniture Vouchers

Organizations that Give Away Free Furniture

Due to low income and financial instability, many families and homes cannot afford furniture in their homes, so they rely on free furniture vouchers and organizations, as well as the government, to assist in getting furniture for their homes. Some non-governmental organizations get into partnerships with furniture companies to allow low-income families and those in need to get free furniture in their homes.

Some of the furniture given out by these organizations may include but is not limited to, beds, mattresses, couches, tables, baby cribs, kitchen furniture, and so on.

Notable organizations that assist low-income families are the Salvation Army and St. Vincent de Paul. As a religious-based organization, they do not discriminate against gender, race, or religion before assistance is given if qualified. They assist many struggling families by providing not just furniture but other pressing needs as well.

How To Get Free Furniture Vouchers

Free furniture vouchers are given to low-income families and those in need to allow them to get furniture for their homes from NGOs and other organizations that offer assistance. The vouchers serve as coupons for buying any type of furniture needed from furniture shops and companies in partnership with the organization that awards the free furniture vouchers.

To get free furniture vouchers, you have to be eligible, and that can be ascertained if you go to any of the NGO centers or organizations that offer free furniture vouchers and apply.

Upon approval, the applicant would have to pick up the furniture themselves from the store to their house as delivery is not included in the free furniture vouchers.

To be eligible for these furniture vouchers, applicants must fulfill some of the criteria below: 

  • Applicants must be low-income earners or from low-income households to qualify.
  • Families or individuals who are survivors of natural disasters like floods or fires need to rebuild their homes.
  • Single parents are also eligible for free furniture vouchers.
  • Households with people with disabilities are eligible for the furniture voucher.
  • Applicants must currently have no furniture in their home to qualify for the voucher.
  • Victims of domestic violence need to set up their new homes.
  • The homeless person who now has a place to stay is also eligible to be given furniture assistance.

Organizations that Give Away Free Furniture Vouchers

There are many organizations and NGOs that give away free furniture to low-income families and those that experience natural disasters in their homes like tornadoes and floods. The free furniture helps these families to set up their homes and become comfortable.

Many of these organizations that offer furniture assistance are located all over the US, making it easy for people to apply and get approved. Some of these top organizations that offer furniture assistance include:

Goodwill Industries Furniture Vouchers

These organizations are located in every state in the US, with branches in smaller towns and cities. Together with the Department of Social Community and Services, Goodwill Industries helps low-income families get free furniture from stores and shops. Click here to get furniture vouchers from Goodwill Industries.

Crisis Assistance Ministry furniture vouchers

The Crisis Assistance Ministry assists the needy and low-income families in getting free furniture from selected furniture stores on the organization’s lists.

There is no limit as to which type of furniture can be purchased. As long as the applicant has been approved and awarded the voucher, he or she is eligible to purchase any furniture of their choice from the stores in partnership with the organization. You can apply for the Crises assistance furniture vouchers by clicking this link.

Heroes Warehouse furniture vouchers

Heroes Warehouse is a nonprofit organization that offers furniture assistance to low-income families and the elderly. Some of the furniture given out by this NGO was donated by other people to assist the needy. To apply for the free furniture voucher from this organization, you can visit their website for further details on how to be eligible.

Saint Vincent de Paul Furniture Vouchers

St. Vincent de Paul is a charity organization that helps low-income households purchase furniture for free. This organization partners with different furniture gift banks, thrift shops, and also receive donations from people to provide help for low-income families and those in need.

Furniture vouchers from Catholic Charities

These are non-profit organizations that assist by purchasing free furniture for the needy and low-income families. Those in need can approach any of the Catholic church branches that are available in many cities and towns to apply for this aid.

American Red Cross furniture vouchers

The American Red Cross focuses on assisting those who are survivors of natural disasters like floods to set up their homes by providing them with free furniture. The organization also provides help for other needs like food, education, healthcare, and so on.

Furniture banks free vouchers

These furniture banks provide free furniture for low-income families and individuals to set up their homes. The furniture banks are available nationwide so that the needy can get help when needed. Those who are disabled and the elderly can also get free furniture from these furniture banks.

Salvation Army Free Furniture Voucher

The Salvation Army offers free furniture vouchers for those in need, like the elderly, low-income families, and people recovering from the effects of natural disasters.

The branches of the Salvation Army are available nationwide, and you can visit the closest office to apply. You can also access the Salvation Army website by clicking this link. To be eligible to apply for the assistance rendered by this organization, applicants need to be referred by a social worker or a law inspector.

Final thoughts

Low-income families and those in need do not have to be concerned about not having the furniture they require in their homes due to financial constraints because they can seek assistance and free furniture from NGOs, charity organizations, and some government agencies.

Through the above-listed organizations and others as well, many families in America have benefited, and there are still more resources made available to assist low-income families. If you are ever in need of free furniture for your home, you can apply to any of the above-listed organizations.


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    1. To get a housing voucher, visit the nearest PHA housing office to fill out and submit an application for Section 8.

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