We need YOU to help us EXPAND Affordable Housing!

EXPAND Affordable Housing

Your Affordable Housing Heroes have always been here to try and make a positive difference in this country, by providing resources to help those who need it most navigate government programs and get the housing they deserve.

Now, we have an opportunity to help make a permanent change in Affordable Housing policies so that the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) can house more people, forever.

But we can’t do it without your help! For one month, HUD has opened a comment period on a new rule that would expand their ability to house even more people, but this rule cannot pass without community support. That’s why it is IMPERATIVE that you leave a comment in support of this rule! Doing your part to pass this rule is a great way to be the change you wish to see in the world, help people house themselves in the future, and it will likely directly benefit you as well!

What Does This Proposed Rule Do?

The proposed rule is called “FR-6362-P-01: Reducing Barriers to HUD-Assisted Housing”. And it does exactly what it sounds like, it reduces barriers that have previously existed in HUD programs like Housing Choice Vouchers to open up housing to even more people.

This will be a new extension of the Fair Housing Act, and this proposed rule will allow housing to be opened up to those who have previous criminal records or history or drug usage.

  • It’s important to note, this rule is designed to keep communities safe by still allowing your PHA, or the property owner, to decline to rent or issue a voucher to an applicant who has recently committed crimes, abused drugs, or has a history of crimes that are more serious and not a fit for their community. This rule is specifically designed to help specifically those people who have truly reformed and begun to contribute to society have an avenue to have secure housing!

If you think that people who have reformed and were previously convicted of victimless crimes like marijuana possession should have safe and secure housing, please click here and leave a comment supporting this rule!

Your comment is extremely important, because if HUD gets more comments against expanding housing programs than in favor of it, they are likely to kill the rule. So make sure to do your part and comment that you are in favor of expanding housing programs to those who need it!

How and What Should I Comment?

You can leave a comment directly by clicking this link. That will take you directly to the comment form on the National Registrars website, where all proposed rules are posted. By leaving a comment at this link, you are helping make a difference in the future of the Housing Choice Vouchers program, since HUD has to acknowledge every comment they receive on this!

All you need to do is tell them how you feel about the new rule, and why you think affordable housing should be opened up to people who have reformed and proved they deserve a fair shot at being housed as well. It doesn’t need to be any longer than a couple sentences, and we don’t want to give you anything to copy and paste because duplicate comments will not be counted.

It only takes a minute or two of your time, and you will make a significant impact. Again, all you need to do is click this link to leave a comment, and write a couple sentences supporting the rule housing more people!

How Does this Help Pass a Rule?

Basically, government agencies have the power to pass rules that have a similar impact as laws if they are related to that departments area of expertise, and are in line with current laws. So just like the FDA can change approval processes or regulations for food and drugs, HUD can change and modify regulations regarding housing and urban development!

However, for an agency to make those changes, they have to propose it to the people it would effect (the entire country). So they post their rule in the Federal Registrar, and then the rule must be available to comment on for at least 30 days. Once the comment period ends, all comments must be read, addressed, and weighed in the creation of the final rule that takes effect.

So if the majority of the comments say that they want the rule to pass, then it will! But it’s very important to get these comments, because there are people commenting that they don’t want more affordable housing, because they don’t like any government assistance programs. And those comments must be weighed too, which is why it’s extremely important that we outnumber them with support! So if you haven’t already: make sure to comment here with your support.

When will they make a decision on this rule?

The comment period ends on June 10, 2024. So you have until that day to leave a comment, and the sooner the better. That’s when they will close the comment section, and start tallying the comments for and against the rule, to see which direction they go. They will also respond to the most common concerns or input, and then publish the final version of the rule. If we get enough comments in support, then the final version will likely be the same rule, and will be expanding housing access for all!

However, if the ratio of comments against the rule is too high, then they may change the rule to be more limited in who it helps, or they may kill it all together. But we will find out after June 10th! That’s why it is extremely important to comment in support of expanding housing right now!

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