How To Get Low-Income Housing With No Waiting List

Shelter is one of the basic human needs aside from food and clothing, but for some people, getting an affordable house can be quite tasking due to low income and a list of other factors.

Low-income earners face a lot of restrictions with getting affordable housing since the rents are increased almost all the time and they also have to cater for food, school fees with those that have kids, and other basic needs apart from paying the house rent as at when due.

Although, facing the reality of low income does not mean you can not get affordable housing as the government has put in place affordable home rentals for low-income earners.

There are programs for low-income housing put together by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development but even for this, there is usually a long list of people awaiting approval.

For you to be able to get government housing assistance easily, it is advisable to seek information from the right agencies and authentic sources to be prepared to pursue getting government assistance on housing.

Steps To Find Low-Income Housing Without The Waiting List

It is possible to skip the long waiting list to be able to get the low-income housing of your choice by following some of the steps below in getting your own rental space.

➡️Research online

The internet is one place where you can get answers to any question or information that is needed and so you can research online for low-income housing near your location. There are tons of websites that one can sign up to get emails of available housing in your preferred location.

➡️Search for housing in less populated cities

Oftentimes, the waiting list for big cities may be too much and some are closed up because there is high demand. You can choose to make your search for affordable housing in smaller cities to be able to skip the long waiting list in the big cities. The less populated the city is the more chances of getting affordable housing very fast.

➡️Get in touch with the Public Housing Authority near you

This is very important and would also fast-track you to get affordable housing without waiting for so long. There is always a Public Housing Authority office situated in your area and you can approach the officials there, state your business and get feedback from them from time to time.

You would need to always be in constant discussion with the agency till your housing issue is resolved, this would allow them to rush up your housing process in time.

Available Low-Income Housing Programs

There are generally three different types of low-income housing programs in the United States for low-income earners, the elderly, disable, and other special needs people. Below are highlights of the different housing programs.

Public Housing

The public housing program is usually handled by the community Public Housing Authority (PHA) with permission from the federal government. The public housing authority assists low-income earners, the elderly, and people with disabilities to get comfortable housing with affordable rent.

There are several criteria that the applicant must fulfill to be eligible for the housing program. Some of which are, the applicant must be a US citizen and up to 18 years of age. The housing program may be available to a single person considered to be a low-income earner but it is majorly for families with low income and other people with special needs.

For the payment of rent, the tenant must pay about 30% of their monthly income. This used to be the normal tenant rent, but maybe otherwise stated depending on the rules of the public housing authority. To be able to get this type of housing fast, you need to explain your situation to the agencies as it will help you to skip the long list and make you a top priority.

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Housing for persons with disabilities

Under section 811, persons with disabilities have a right to live normal and comfortable lives and they are provided with affordable housing under this section. The applicants are eligible when they fulfill several criteria such as low-income earner, disability status, and any other difficult living situation being faced currently by the applicant. This type of housing assistance also may sometimes require a waiting list depending on the community, city, and number of persons applying for the low-income housing scheme.

The tenant rent payment is only about 30% of the net income of the person with a disability or as discussed by the agency or property management company. It is important to note that, the landlord or property management company would not directly give out the housing to the disabled person, but they would be required to go through the appropriate local organization that deals with the section 811 low-income housing policy.

Project-based rental assistance

The section 8 project-based rental assistance program is made for people with low income and is at least 18 years of age. The rental assistance program enables tenants to get subsidies in rent from private landlords in the scheme. The affordable housing program is available for both single persons and families. The single person may be able to get a one-bedroom housing unit if it is available, but most times the housing units are available for families with low income.

For the rental rates, the tenants have to pay 30% of their income or 10% of their gross income depending on the rules of the community public housing agency. Section 8 project-based rental assistance is available for only US citizens nationwide.

Section 202 supportive housing for the elderly

This housing assistance is designed for the elderly or senior citizens since they are considered to have less income than any other individual in the country. To be able to live their lives well till the end, the elderly need to stay happy and continue to enjoy the basic needs of which housing is one of them.

Section 202 supportive housing for the elderly is sponsored by the government as they provide funds to private management companies and non-profit organizations to build affordable housing for the elderly.

The eligible age for senior citizens to enjoy this program is 62 years old and the rent payment is usually 30% of their net income. The elderly under this housing program may opt for accommodation with other housing facilities like food, transportation, bathing, and other independent needs.

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Section 8 housing choice vouchers

This housing program is very popular in the United States and it is used by many people. The section 8 housing choice voucher is handled by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and is available nationwide.

For rent fees, the tenant of this housing program will have to pay 30% of their household monthly income, and the rest of the payment is completed by the housing authority based on the voucher.

Before applying for this type of low-income housing program, it is advisable to check the income level of the state you wish to apply for because there are varying rules in each state concerning the family income level to be eligible for the low-income housing program. After obtaining the housing voucher, it usually goes to the landlord by the housing authority and tenants can always transfer their voucher to another housing authority after a full year.


Low-income housing can be easy to achieve provided you follow the necessary steps and do a lot of research in the state or city you plan to apply to. It is also important to provide accurate information on previous or current housing status, income level, family, and other necessary documents to be eligible for the low-income housing programs and even to get placed on the top list of applicants.


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  2. I’m tryna sign up for HUD and section 8 for a apartment for me asap they always give me wrong websites to fill out paper work etc I’m not tryn b on long waiting list

  3. I am living in the projects. I am disabled due to my husband shooting me in the back that left me paralyzed and with a lot of medical issues. However, he knows where I live and a restraining order is just a piece of paper that cannot stop another bullet. I know he isn’t done with me yet and I’m scared. I’d like to move into a section 8 house so I am able to move if I need to. How can I transfer my NYCHA to section 8??

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