Does Credit Score Affect Section 8 Recipients?

Credit score check on section 8

The Section 8 housing voucher is a housing assistance program made available for low-income families through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

There are different eligibility criteria for families to be approved for the Section 8 housing voucher, with the major one being that they must be low-income families or individuals who earn below the average median income in their area.

This average median income is usually set by the Department of Public Housing Authority, or PHA, which considers the assets and income of eligible families for government housing assistance.

Does Credit Score Disqualify You From Getting Section 8?

The credit score has no bearing on your Section 8 eligibility because the HUD does not require it as a criterion for housing assistance recipients to register.

However, the HUD grants landlords of Section 8 housing the authority to conduct a background check on prospective tenants before accepting them into their property.

Because of the authority granted by the HUD, your Section 8 landlord may conduct a credit check on you and other applicants before accepting your application to stay on his or her property.

The landlord checks not just the credit score but also focuses on whether the applicant has a bad history of owning rental payments, has a criminal record, the number of family members intending to stay in the property, and any other related issues that could disqualify your application.

However, your credit score is not a basis for disqualification from being a recipient of a Section 8 housing voucher.

What Can Disqualify You From Getting Section 8?

Here are some of the reasons why you might not be able to get your Section 8 approved.

  • You or a member of your family is convicted of drug-related crimes on a Section 8 property or area
  • Violent criminal activities by a member of the family and alcohol abuse
  • Overall family income is above the average median income set by the Public Housing Authority (PHA)
  • You’ve been registered as a sex offender
  • Your family has a long history of late rent payments

Does Bad Credit Affect Section 8 Recipients?

Your credit score does not affect your eligibility for Section 8 housing assistance. However, landlords can carry out a credit check on you to determine if you can pay rent if approved.

There is no minimum or maximum credit score check; all that is required is for you to have enough funds to pay your rent when due.

If your prospective Section 8 landlord checks your background and possibly your credit score and finds out that you have a past of chronic lateness in rent payment and not enough funds to pay for the subsidized apartment by the government, he or she may not accept your application.

This is because you may possess a property that is too risky to manage and rent payments may not come as often as required.

To avoid this sort of disqualification due to past payment records, it is best if you offset all owed bills and rent payments as you apply for another Section 8 housing voucher.

This would assure your landlord that you are capable of paying rent, and your application would be immediately approved without wasting time. You and members of your family must be law-abiding citizens who are ready to go through with the rules of the Section 8 property and the landlord.


It is important to note that the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) does not request a credit score check on applicants. Therefore, beware of false online claims and fraudsters. If you are not sure of a particular Section 8 housing procedure, go to your local PHA office to make inquiries about them to ensure your application is adequately processed.


  1. please i need the direct link to apply for low-income houses section 8 please is hard to get the link online this is emergency please because of my kids

      1. You can get emergency housing assistance as a single mom by reading through this past article (link here). You can also visit the HUD website to get further housing assistance.

  2. Hi my name is Tammy F. and I been looking for housing for a long time and trying to get housing voucher I haven’t receive or heard from anybody and right now I’m staying in US Department of Housing and Urban Development apartment that all bills included here in Grand Prairie, Texas in a two bedroom apartment with my grand kids from Michigan and my son and their ages are my grand kids are 15 , 6’1 boy, 11, 5’0 girl, 9, 4’5 boy and my son 18, 5’8 and i need help to find a bigger home cause a two bedroom is to small so can anybody help I appreciate it.

    1. Hi, you may need to submit another application to get the type of housing assistance you currently need.

  3. Hi I have tried to get help n apply for section 8 my daughter’s n I have been living with my sister for a long time I’m single mother n I work please help me

    1. Hello, you can get other information for housing assistance for single moms by reading the previous post on housing assistance for single moms here to get faster response.

  4. I would like to have a home soon I have been working after Covid-19 I lost my job but I with back to work on another one. I hope I can get a place soon

    1. Hi, kindly submit your application for the Section 8 housing assistance with your local housing authority or the PHA office.

  5. I need section 8 I live in Boynton beach fl I am low income with a9 year old and 18 year old still in school. How Dow I apply for section 8? I currently live with my stepfather who is throwing us out so he can sell house and doesn’t care that I can’t afford an apartment.please help me

    1. The PHA is in charge of receiving applications for the HUD affordable housing assistance program. You can get the list of the PHA offices on the HUD website.

  6. Need a place ASAP for myself I am 60 yrs old no income my disabled brother 57 yrs old and my son 20 years old my brother is in the nursing home and they are ready to relieve him soon he has severe brain injury on the left side of his head due to him being attacked on 6/9/2021

    1. : I am sorry about your brother’s health condition. However, you should visit the PHA office and speak with an officer about your present housing needs. You might get lucky to be placed on the emergency waiting list. All the best

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