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Do You Know How To Become a Home Owner While You Rent?

A low credit score or low income doesn't mean you can never own a home!

What if there was a way to start owning your home while you rent?

You can do this with properties and landlords that accept Rent to Own agreements.

Rent to own is a perfect solution for people who have: low income, poor credit or no down-payment.

Read more on how to find rent to own properties and listings in your area and start making your dreams of owning a home a reality.

Before You Apply For Housing Check Your Public Record and Avoid Getting Denied

Section 8 for Felon

Just like how it's important to know your credit history before applying for housing. Knowing your public record is equally important. Housing Authorities and landlords will almost certainly check your Public Record before accepting your applications for housing assistance.

But the good news is, there are ways to be prepared for this by checking your own public records before applying for Housing Assistance. This way you can know what is on your record and take care of it, making yourself the ideal candidate for housing assistance.

Due to HUD's rules and requirements your Section 8 application could be denied for certain criminal records.Learn more about what the Section 8 Housing Voucher Program will be looking for in your Background check by clicking below.

Unemployed Due To COVID-19? Get Affordable Health Insurance Immediately


Real estate agent with house model and keys

Are you among millions of people who lost their jobs this year due to COVID-19?

Ever thought about how big the problem is?

By June 2020, the number of Americans unemployed due to COVID-19 was 15.9 million. In the same year, the number of Americans unemployed with employer-sponsored health insurance was 7.7 million.

Such employees can contemplate other health insurance plans like the popular Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act and short-term health programs.

Tests for COVID-19 are now free in America. However, the cost and coverage to treat this virus is not an easy job to manage. Moreover, employers' act of laying off the employees is scaring everyone.

Under such circumstances, you are probably unsure how it will affect your health insurance. Here is what you should know regarding affordable health insurance in case you lost your job during the pandemic.