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How to Apply for Section 8 Housing

When you’re sure you meet all the eligibility requirements, you can then go ahead and apply for Section 8 housing. To do so, you should first contact your local housing authority to indicate your interest and check if applications are open.

Due to a large number of Section 8 applicants in comparison with the number of vouchers available, you will likely be placed on a waiting list. Once you’ve confirmed that applications are open, you will be required to make your application as per the instructions given by your PHA.

There are different ways you could file a Section 8 application and it may differ according to the housing authority, which is why you should only make your application thoroughly following your PHA’s instructions.

If you can’t fill out your application yourself due to any of the accepted reasons like age or disability, you may be allowed to have a social worker do it for you. Section 8 applications never require any fees. It’s important you know this to avoid getting scammed.

Contacting the PHA

If you’d like to get in touch with your local PHA or the PHA of the area you intend to move into for any reason concerning the Section 8 program, you can easily do so through this HUD tool. By clicking on the link, you will gain access to a large directory of PHA contacts. Here you can easily find all the contact information of any PHA by state, city, or zip code.

How to File an Online Section 8 Application

You may be able to file an online Section 8 application depending on the application method approved by your PHA. If your PHA allows an online application, then you need to ensure that your email address is valid and you can easily access it anytime.

The reason being that the PHA will keep in touch with you through this email concerning your application status.

Typically, to make an online application, you will be required to fill the application form completely online. In some cases, you may also have to open an account through an online portal. Don’t forget to keep your log-in details to this portal safe.

If you don’t have access to a computer of your own, you may use that of a friend or family. You can also use a computer at a local library. Housing authorities usually provide computers for applicants on the premises, but you may have to wait or book an appointment ahead.

How to File an in-Person Section 8 Application

Some housing authorities provide the option for applicants to file their applications in person. If you would like to use this method, then you will have to visit the office of the housing authority you’re applying to. You can visit the HUD website here and select the state of your choice, and you’ll get a list of PHA offices in that area along with their address and other contact details.

If you do not live close to where you’re applying, then an in-person application may not be ideal. If the PHA requires you to visit the office for your application and you can’t due to distance or other justifiable reasons, then you should contact them to explain your situation.

How to File a Section 8 Application via Mail

If you decide to file your section 8 application via mail, then you must use a mailing address that you can easily access. This is of utmost importance because you will receive updates about your application through that mail and may be required to give a response to continue your application.

If you don’t have a stable mailing address of your own, you can use the address of someone you trust enough to contact you immediately you receive a mail. You may also use the address of a local church or shelter with their permission, as long as you’re certain they can contact you easily.

Section 8 Eligibility Requirements

How to Complete the Section 8 Application