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Recertifying Your Section 8 Eligibility

After receiving your section 8 voucher, you will still have to go through annual inspections to recertify your eligibility for the program and determine if any changes need to be made to your voucher.

These inspections are necessary to continue receiving assistance. The PHA will check your family composition, income, assets, and expenses. You may have to present documents to prove these such as bank statements, W-2 forms, and so on.

Can You Move and Keep Getting Assistance?

Yes, you can definitely move and keep getting housing assistance! You may feel hesitant because you’re worried about losing your housing benefit, but you should know that the voucher comes with portability in most cases.

It’s possible to move to any location within the country using your voucher as long as there is a section 8 program in that area. You must abide by the terms of your existing lease and ensure both your landlord and PHA are adequately notified before you relocate.

You will not have to go through a lot of paperwork if you’re moving to a new home within the same area, as you will still be under the jurisdiction of your current PHA.

If however, you’re moving to a different town where there’s a section 8 program, you’ll have to fill out a Portability Release Form provided by your current PHA to enable them to send your file to the PHA office in the new location.

It’s advisable to contact the PHA of the new area you’ll be moving to beforehand, to learn of the necessary steps to take. If you’re a new section 8 beneficiary, you may have to live in the area where you originally acquired your voucher for at least one year before relocating to different states.

Check with your PHA to know if this rule applies to your area. Also, note that you are only permitted to relocate once a year under the section 8 program.

Adding Someone to Your Section 8 Voucher

Before adding someone to your section 8 voucher, you must ensure they qualify for the program in terms of income, citizenship, criminal background, and other eligibility requirements set by the PHA.

Afterward, you must get in touch with the PHA in charge of your voucher administration to provide them with the necessary information about the individual. You will be required to provide basic information such as name, date of birth, and Social Security Number, along with income information of the person.

You will also need to present certain documents like a birth certificate, proof of income, and Social Security card as evidence of the information you provided. After you’ve made the application as instructed by the PHA, they will inform you of the outcome of your request in a short period.

What Happens to the Section 8 Voucher if the Head of the Household Dies?

If the head of a household dies, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the household will lose its voucher. Housing authorities usually have policies in place on what to do in such cases, and it differs according to the area. There are however some general policies that housing authorities abide by.

If you are currently living in a housing unit under the section 8 program or are on the waiting list and there’s another adult in the household, they may assume the position of the head of household. This member should be legally capable of executing a lease.

In a case whereby there’s no other adult household member in a family with minors, the PHA may permit an individual who was not the lease to become the new head of household.

The PHA may also allow a temporary guardian to reside in the unit with the minors until a permanent guardian is appointed by the court, and then the new guardian may become the new head of household. Note that proof of death is often required.

Can Section 8 Be Transferred to Another Family Member?

A section 8 voucher cannot be transferred to another family member unless in certain cases like the death of the head of household. Even at that, the assistance may only be transferred to the co-head or another adult member within the household.

In rare cases, a relative who is not part of the household may be appointed by the court as a guardian to the minors remaining after the death of the head. Then, the voucher may be transferred to them as they may become the new head of household.

Can I Transfer My Section 8 to My Daughter or Son?

It is not possible to transfer section 8 assistance to a person not already on the voucher. Even if your daughter or son were registered as a member of the household, the voucher cannot be transferred to them unless the head of the household dies or moves out and there is no co-head. They must also be 18 years of age or above to assume the position of head of household.

Section 8 Change of Head of the Household

Just as stated previously in this guide, the head of household can be changed if the current one dies or decides to move out of the unit. The co-head can assume the position of the head of household, or in some cases, another adult member. You should however contact your PHA to be sure of the rules and requirements surrounding the change of head of household.

Tenant Responsibilities While in the Section 8 Program

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