How Can I Check My Section 8 Status?

We know the wait can be a bit stressful since it usually takes them anywhere from weeks to months for applications to be processed, but you can check on your Section 8 status by contacting your local Housing Offices or PHA.

Section 8 is an affordable housing choice voucher that is made available for low-income families and individuals, people living with disabilities, and the elderly to provide safe and affordable housing. In many places in the US, there is usually a higher demand for affordable housing than what the government can provide funding for.

Due to housing and economic crisis there has been a steady increase in the number of applications for Housing Choice Vouchers (section 8) each year. This facor along with others is typically the cause of the long waiting list fro Housing Vouchers, it may take up to several years for approval by the PHA.

Once you have submitted the application form for Section 8 housing assistance, you are placed on a waiting list. After being on the waiting list you may receive a “Update Contact Info” letter sent by the PHA. Please keep reading to learn how to respond to letters from the PHA. Failure to respond to PHA update letters will lead to your application being removed from the waiting list. You will then need to reapply and start the application process all over. Keep reading to learn how to respond to PHA letters and confirm your place on the Housing Voucher Waiting List. Also known as Section 8 Housing Vouchers.

How To Check Your Application Status After Applying For Section 8

It’s important to check on the status of your application so that you can act immediately when you get a response from the PHA. Some Public Housing offices will send “Update Contact Info Letters” if you have been on the waiting list for some time (1 year) to confirm your address and interests in Section 8. You must reply to these letters and follow the instruction on the letter if you receive one. It is advised that you closely monitor the status of your application by taking the following steps:

  1. Frequently contact the Public Housing Agency where you placed your application. It’s important to contact the same office where you applied. Use this link to quickly search your area for your nearest PHA office if you do not have their contact info or if you’re just beginning your application now.
  2. After you have your PHA contact info you can either call or visit the PHA website to contact the PHA about your application’s status. You can also mail or visit the office in person.
  3. You can try calling your PHA office to confirm your application status. Click on this link to find the specific phone number for the office in your location. 
  4. Alternatively, you can check your application status online via a waitlist check service. can give you an update on your application if you’re already on the waitlist. Simply log in using your birth year, then type in the password given at your PHA.

Note that different housing authorities vary in their methods of providing a status update. Some may not provide your specific position on the waiting list but can tell you if you are or are not on the list. 

Why Is My Section 8 Taking So Long?

The application for Section 8 may take quite a long while before approval is granted because of the increased number of applications received each year and the limited number of units available. Applicants are usually placed on a waiting list for Section 8 until there is available housing to rent.

Some families and individuals may be placed on an emergency waiting list to prioritize their housing needs depending on their situation, but this is rare and not a constant occurrence. Sometimes, certain PHA offices may stop receiving applications because they are full, and the waitlist may take several years before it gets to your turn.

To get housing assistance quickly, some applicants submit their applications to several PHA offices to be placed on multiple waiting lists for a fast response.

Waiting List Confirmation Letter: What You Need to Know

After submitting your application for the Section 8 waitlist, there are a few things to expect. Although it varies based on the Housing Authority, these are what the steps typically look like:

  1. You receive a confirmation letter or postcard stating that the Housing Authority got your pre-application form. If you applied online, you will immediately get a confirmation number. If you receive neither a letter nor a postcard several weeks after you submitted your application, then you must contact your Housing Authority, preferably via a call.
  2. After several months of waiting, sometimes up to a year, you will receive a waiting list confirmation letter stating that your name has been added to the waiting list. Usually, you’re randomly assigned a number on the list, so there’s no guarantee how long you may have to wait before getting on the list. The reason it takes so long is that no applicant can be assigned a number on the list until the waiting list closes, and the pre-application forms have all been logged into the Housing Authority’s system.
  3. If you change your mailing address while you await your confirmation letter, you MUST inform the housing authority within 30 days or risk having your name removed from the list. If you fail to respond to letters from the Housing Authority at any time, or your letters are returned as undelivered, the Housing Authority will never contact you again.
  4. Only until your name gets to the top of the waiting list will the Housing Authority begin processing your eligibility for Section 8 assistance. They will begin the checks on your background information, income eligibility, and criminal record. You can find out more about Section 8 eligibility to ensure you meet all the criteria when you make it to the top of the list.

What Should I Do After I Apply to A Waitlist?

After applying and being put on a Section 8 waitlist, there are a few steps you should follow:

  • If you have been placed on a waiting list, you should keep a record on hand of the important information you might need, for example:
    • Any log-in information if you applied online,
    • Which Housing Office you apply with, the date you applied,
    • Where you are on the waiting list (if the information is available), and
    • Any confirmation number you are given.
  • By following the instructions we shared earlier, you can estimate how long of a wait you may be facing by contacting the Housing Office you applied with. If they don’t give you accurate details, you can ask for access to their Annual Plan, which has information about the current number of households on the waiting list and their office’s turnover rate. Unfortunately, sometimes this document isn’t easily available and can only give you a rough estimate of your wait.
  • One of the most important steps is to keep checking your waiting list status using any of the options available to you (a phone call, visiting the Housing office, or via the waitlist check website.) Keep all your information up to date, including your contact information and any changes in your income. If a notice is sent to you that requires a response, do so as soon as possible or risk losing your spot. If you applied online, you should constantly check your email for any messages from your Housing office since they will continue to contact you via email.
  • When your turn on the waiting list comes around, you will be required to go to a “Final Eligibility Review.” This will be conducted in person. Usually, it’s only the applicant that is required to attend, but they may also ask for the entire household or household adults. You MUST attend at the set date and time or you will risk being removed from the list.
  • Last, but not least, after you receive your Section 8 Housing voucher, you can start searching for your new home!

You can also find groups of people on the waiting list like yourself to stay in the know about recent reports and also support each other with extra information. Being placed on the waiting list would require a lot of patience from the applicant before a response can be gotten, and this can lead to you waiting for many years. Try not to give up but stay positive all through the application process.

How to Get Priority on the Waitlist

For applicants to be approved for the Section 8 housing voucher, they are placed on a waiting list, which can take up to several years before a response is given. You may be qualified to be placed on the priority wait-list if you are in one or more of the situations below.

Extremely Low Income

To apply for Section 8, you would need to verify your income status together with your family as well. The Section 8 voucher is available for extremely low-income households, very low-income households, and low-income households. Priority will be given to the households with extremely low-income households on the waitlist.

Being Homeless

Those who are experiencing homelessness currently are placed on the priority waiting list as a result of ending homelessness. Check with your PHA office to understand the eligibility requirements for the waitlist for the homeless.

Those Residing in Shelters

Section 8 is made available for low-income families and to take people off the streets into safe housing. If the applicant is living in a shelter currently, he or she is eligible to be placed on the priority waiting list for Section 8.

Have a Disability

Households with a member with a disability are given priority on the waiting list, especially if the current housing situation is not appropriate for the medical condition of the disabled member.

The Elderly

The US considers the elderly to be part of the vulnerable population and prioritizes households with an elderly person over the age of 62 years for affordable housing.

Be a US Veteran

US veterans are particularly prioritized in finding assistance for safe and affordable housing. HUD provides housing assistance for an easy transition for US veterans from their past military life to civilian life.

FAQs About Section 8 Application Status

If you still have questions about your Section 8 application status, we’ve answered the following for you to give you better clarity.

What Should I Do to Make Sure the PHA Can Reach Me?

Many people lose their Section 8 housing vouchers, or their spot on the waiting list because the PHA is unable to contact them. This usually happens when you change your phone number or when you don’t check your email or post mail regularly. This is a very important step on your Section 8 Housing journey!

If you change your phone number or email, contact the Housing office you applied with immediately and let them know of these changes or of the best way to contact you.

Where Is My Local PHA Office Located?

Each State has many PHA offices you can visit or contact, but it might be easier to contact the ones closest to you or the area you would like to live in. If you would like a list of the PHA offices in your state, you can make a simple search here.

What If I Lose My Job While on Section 8?

As with everything else in Section 8, the best thing to do to keep receiving your benefits is to keep them informed about everything.

Yes, you need some income to be able to pay for your portion of the rent, but if you lose or quit your job, the first thing you must do is let them know that your income situation has changed. It is possible, depending on the circumstances, that they may adjust your rent payments.

If you are receiving a regular unemployment check, keep in mind this is considered income and must also be reported to the PHA. The PHA excludes temporary or non-recurring benefits, but you should still inform them of these as well.

Will Section 8 Also Pay for My Utilities?

Section 8 does help those with extremely low or zero income with utility expenses. The PHA will calculate if you may qualify for utility reimbursement and either send you a check or pay the utility companies directly. The PHA calls this money your “Utility Allowance” and it covers a reasonable amount of your utility expenses.

It is important to note that the PHA will not cover excessive or wasteful utility bills. If you exceed your Utility Allowance you must cover the difference out of your own pocket. If you live in a building and your landlord pays the utility bills for the entire building, you do not qualify for a Utility Allowance.

What Utilities will Section 8 Help Me Pay For?

Section 8 covers utilities, such as:

  • Electricity
  • Sewer
  • Gas
  • Rental of a kitchen range, microwave, and refrigerator
  • Water
  • Trash collection
  • Heating fuel

**Section 8 does not cover cable television, telephones, or internet service because they consider them amenities.

How Much Is My Utilities Allowance on Section 8 and Am I Receiving Any?

If you would like to know if you are receiving a Utility Allowance or how much of a Utility Allowance you currently receive, you can do so by either checking if it’s stated on your lease, checking your income recertification paperwork filed each year, or you can request your Utility Allowance amount from your landlord or PHA.

Can My Section 8 Utility Allowance Be Adjusted If I’m Disabled?

If you or someone in your household has special needs due to a disability, you may qualify for a higher Utility Allowance.

For example, if you use any medical equipment that requires the use of electricity, such as an oxygen concentrator or asthma nebulizer, you could receive more allowance to cover the extra electrical expenses these will consume.

Helpful Links for Section 8 Assistance

If you need some links to help you navigate through the HUD Section 8 database, see these below:

  • PHA Contact Information: #1 | #2
  • HUD offices per state: #1 NY | CA | TX | FL | More | #2
  • Section 8 Homeownership Assistance: #1

Final thoughts

Checking the status of your Section 8 application is quite important for you to stay positive and also know your position. Ensure you keep all records of your PHA office and continue to communicate as often as possible with the agency. With this, they become aware of your application and do not accidentally have you removed from the waiting list.

We have been overwhelmed with requests of people needing help with Housing Assistance. To help people find the information they need, we have now started a forum with full-time administrators. We aim to create local discussions about housing assistance and in turn be able to answer specific questions and help people with the process of rental assistance.

By Ashley T

As a professional writer, I enjoy researching Benefit Programs and writing articles and guides that are easy to follow for those who are in need of assistance.


          1. I don’t know what else to do I have applied on line don’t know if it went through or not I really need some help I’m 70 years old and don’t know much about the computer .

          2. Hello Gretta,

            Good day!

            You can always check your status from this website:

            Also, you can read more helpful articles from this website:

            Lastly, If you are a person who is struggling or you have a family member, friend, or anybody struggling to get a home or is currently homeless, join us to discuss these topics and let us help each other.

            We love to hear your heartful thoughts on some matters regarding the housing programs and situations in the United States.

            Pls come and join our growing community:

            See you there, thank you!

    1. I Robin R. need Section 8 voucher I’m disabled with Lupus and 60 yes old I need a 1 bedroom apt PLEASE HELP

      1. Hi Robin, to get a Section 8 housing assistance voucher for your preferred type of housing, kindly visit the nearest PHA office to submit an application or visit the HUD website right here.

      2. I need a 2brd for my daughtet & I.we have pets. We are among a stressing environment. If u can help plz do.

        1. Hi, the PHA office is the best place to offer you housing assistance. Kindly visit one and submit your application.

    2. I am also off and on I have been a victim of domestic violence for 18 years and I am slowly suffocating nobody will help me get emergency vouchers I lost both my parents and my aunt and uncle in less than 10 months I had covid twice still have breathing issues no money for doctor no family nobody and I see all these people living off the government and I can’t get help I mean what do they soul? If anyone can helped with emergency vouchers AKA PHA I SURE WOULD APPRECIATE IT

      1. Hello Leah,

        We are very sorry to hear that! Have you tried going to your local PHA or any government departments? In your situation, I know there are a lot of programs that might help you.

        If you are not able to, you can ask any of your family members or friends, just make sure to bring the important documents that they might need for the process.

        By the way, try read some of the articles here, it might help:

        Thank you!

  1. Trying very hard to find housing. In Clare County. I am ill and have to be very careful about my choice. I am told it expires on May 1, 2021.

    1. Kindly go back to your PHA office where your application was approved and explain your situation. They can possibly assist you in getting an apartment before your voucher expires.

  2. Hello I'm a Fostermother to 5 of my grands. Just moved into a home. It was a emergency move but very nice home in South Philly. I did apply for section 8.

    1. Good to know you have moved into an affordable apartment through the Section 8 housing assistance program.

          1. Yes I put a application in I don’t think I did it right could you help me with it. Think you very much

  3. I am on the section 8 waiting list eagerly and still hopeful I’m collecting Social Security now which helps pay some very high rent in Lexington but I still don’t have enough money to pay all my bills

  4. I need help in applying section 8 , I am dyslexic & I have been living in my truck on the streets for 12+ years
    My # is ***** micheal

      1. Hello my name is Carolyn F. I’m looking to move into the Nashville area and my niece had told me about the section 8 and I’m trying to apply for that because when I come she has a house full so I will be there for a while but I’m trying to find something of my own thank you

  5. I what to know Did my application for Section 8 went through yet. I been apply for 3 years ago now. I what to know I am still on the waiting list.


    1. Am sorry about the loss of your son. Section 8 takes a very long time sometimes before you can get approved due to the long list of applications. However, you can get other housing assistance for single moms. I urge you to read our previous articles on that here.

      1. I like to get a two bedroom apartment under the voucher I have made my son and his fiance so please give me a call ***

        1. Hi, kindly submit an application for the Section 8 housing voucher at the local housing authority office.

      1. I’m Darrell and was in a fire at a house I rented for 12 years and lost everything. Cause of faulty wiring that the landlord new about. I have been on the waiting list seen the fire an now living in a shelter on the floor. Please help me if possible 972_***_****
        Thank you

        1. Hi, I advice you keep on checking on the waiting list and also update all necessary informations in order to be notified once your application have been approved.

    1. Hi Amanda, your housing situation is urgent. A majority of Section 8 housing vouchers are given to your people who are homeless or in urgent need. Generally speaking you would be moved to the top of the waiting list if you meet all the other requirements from your Public Housing Authority.

      The first thing you should do is contact your local Public Housing Authority, you can do so by clicking here Select your state on the left then contact the PHA office nearest to you. Obtain your section 8 housing choice voucher and be sure to list that you are currently homeless when you file the application. Good luck, we hope this helps.

      1. Hi I recently signed up for HUD and just received the waiting list confirmation letter. I live in a group home and will be going to court in April to get guardianship. I have until then before I’m able to get HUD. Could I be on the waiting list that long?

        1. Hi, you can avoid becoming homeless when you speak with a officer at your local housing office about your housing needs. You can also fill and submit an application for Section 8 there.

      2. I’ve been trying to get section eight housing for a long while, disabled, desperate need. Please help me and my underage son who’s a diabetic taking four shots daily since age 5

        1. To apply for Section 8 housing-choice vouchers, you’ll need to contact your local Public Housing Agency. Your PHA can tell you if the program is currently accepting new applicants and what documents you’ll need to apply. Depending on where you live, you may be able to apply online, in person, or by mail.

          1. I’m looking for a Apartment for me and my wife but I haven’t had any luck on finding a place could you help me out tell me who I could call to find a good apartment for me and my wife.

          2. hello Reuben, to get housing assistance visit the local housing authority to submit a section 8 application. This will enable you to get affordable housing in an area of your choice.

          3. Hi I’m shakita W. I’ve been applying an signing up for section 8 voucher if u could help me I would like to be able to move wit my two kids I been trying to figure out how to get the paper to fill it out call me 616******* please thank u I want to move immediately

          4. The Section 8 waiting period can stretch over years but you can access other types of housing assistance for single moms. Check the past post on housing assistance for single moms here

      3. I have 7yr old son who attend school in St. Paul wellstones elementary and I work at FedEx part time and I’m deaf I’m single parent. I’ve ssi and welfares so please let me know asap! And I temporarily live with subsidies with family. I’m 28. I need a place asap!!

        1. Hi Latrice,

          You can apply for rental and utility assistance safely from your home using the ERAP online portal. If you’re unable to apply online, you may apply by phone through the ERAP hotline at 1-833-912-0878 or by using a paper application.

          1. My name is Andrea M. I have applied for section 8 several times, but I don’t know how to check my status

          2. hi, to check your status you can either visit the PHA office where your application was submitted or check through the HUD website right here.

        2. Hi my name is Judy W.
          I need a place to stay
          because I stay with my
          sister and I need my own place

      4. I being trying to get on section right and a vochuer my basement flooded and species coming up in the basement me and my son need a place to move guit pipe are broken in back yard and we both are on disability he ihas mental problems and paralyzed in one leg plus I am sick can you please help this is a Emergency thank you

        1. Hello, kindly submit an application for Section 8 with the nearest PHA office or online via the HUD website for emergency housing for the disabled.

        1. Hello,

          to get section 8 housing assistance, please submit your application at the PHA office closest to you and you can also submit an application online right here.

    2. Hello to whom it may concern I virginia Mobley is trying to emergency find somewhere for me and my dog to go I’ve been sleeping in my car place to place here and there I need help u can reach me at ******** thanks for listening have a good day sincerely virginia M.

    3. Amanda, I am 65 , I have Diabetes, PTSD, A heart condition known as Coronary Disease with 3 Stents in my heart. And Fibromyalgia with chronic pain.
      I am planing to have My Doctor add a letter to my Application. Will this help me get Housing sooner.
      Mary H.

      1. Hi Mary,

        Sorry about your health. Due to your age and medical condition, you may get priority on your application. As regards your medical condition, you will have to submit appropriate medical documentation showing that the disability or medical condition exists and that it is being made worse by current living conditions.

        For your age, as an elderly – defined as those aged 62 or older. One of the chief guiding philosophies of HUD is making sure that America’s elderly citizens have access to clean, safe, and affordable places to live.

        1. I need section 8 desperately I’m disabled my rent steady going up every year is unnecessary going up because I’m getting the social security raise not because I’m just messing with love because I have repairs needed to be done just because we’re getting the raise every year.

          1. Hello Norman,

            to get approved for the Section 8 housing voucher, you need to visit your local PHA office to submit an application. The Section 811 is focused on assisting people with disability in getting quick affordable housing

    4. Hello I was told by my local public housing that section 8 is closed due to low funds. So my husband and I couldn’t get on the list but he is disabled from a recent stroke and we need help with housing. We currently live with his parents because our income is very low. Any idea how we can get help going a different route?

    5. Need place to stay right away homeless my son has both both of legs cut off will need help thank you

  7. I’m 6montha pregnant and have two weeks to leave the residence I’m rooming at . I have nowhere to go . I just started a job but I can’t work there after December due to me being pregnant and a high risk . This is my first time ever asking for help like this and reaching out for assistance. I just been getting doors closed in my face and asked to call back when I’m either homeless or sleeping in a car witch I don’t have . I’m begging for help . I don’t have a working phone because I just started this job and I don’t get paid till three weeks after I start and it’s been off for two months. So I know I’m behind on that bull but I’m just asking for help i don’t know what else to do . Can someone anyone please help me ?

    1. Hello, if you cannot submit your application for Section 8 online due to a lack of phone. The next option would be to visit the loacl housing authority to fill and submit an application.

  8. I applied for section 8 thru lottery but when I try to check they say my social is not listed how do I check results

    1. Hi, visit the housing authority and speak with an officer to find out if your application was submitted intially.

  9. Thank you, for telling me to keep checking on the housing list I was no longer on there , l didn’t know they wouldn’t say everything was still the same address, number l just moved to another part of California. I thought it was very wrong especially when you get to be an elderly person and you never tried to call or write that it my turn on list of course our monthly payment is low and we need help with everything at this time in our lives to be widowed or single as myself. And looking forward to our next home and didn’t do your home work too see we’re still out here trying to have a place and plan. Thanks Donna H.

    1. Hi kindly go through our previous post on housing assistance for single mom’s here to find out other housing assistance programs.

  10. I am needing some help applying for Section 8 housing vouchers or Choice vouchers please I've never done this before my name and number Mary Ann Lopez 682 ……..

    1. Hi, first of all you need to find a Section 8 apartment in your area, contact the landlord if they are willing to use the property as a section 8 housing. Next begin your application which can be done via mail, online or in the local housing authority’s office.

      Step 2: Fill in the application form with accurate information like social security number, name, gender, income etc.

      Step 3: Submit the application based on the housing authority’s instructions to avoid disqualification.

      1. Ive been homeless for about 2 1/2 years now,need some serious help to getting hud ,section 8,anything please name
        Elizabeth Cox
        Contact number/(502)***-****
        Available anytime, thanks

        1. Hi Elizabeth,

          Please contact your local hud office to apply for section 8. Read through our article here on FAQS on Section 8 for more insight.

        1. You can check your local office’s website or call them for status updates. Make sure to contact them if any of your information has changed, such as your contact information, marital status or the number of household members.

        1. How come I applied for shra open wait-list and it says I was selected for Serna/saybrook so I called shra and they told me disregard that because that was 2016 I don’t understand why would it sti be on a new open wait-list is there a ythingi can do to get them to let me get it since it says selected and now the wait-list is closed it still says selected

  11. Please let me know so I can you please let me know something soon I'm really needing the help I'm on the edge of losing my place where I staying out I need some help please my name is Mariela L. 602 ********

  12. How can I apply for assistance paying my portion of the gas, electric, and heating bill if the service is not in my name. I live in the basement which is a legal apartment. The electric,heat,and gas bill is in the tenants who reside upstairs name. Also I am responsible for paying my portion of the water (sewer)bill which is also in the name of the landlord

    1. Section 8 helps those with extremely low-income to pay utility bills. To qualify, visit the closest PHA in your area. It is important to note that the PHA will not cover excessive utility bills if you exceed your allowance once allocated. If you live in a building and your landlord pays the utility bills for the entire building, you do not qualify for a utilities allowance.

  13. Hi, my area PHA told me that they are not even accepting Applications and don't know when they will start again..Is there anything else I can try?

  14. I need to get a hold of section 8 they emailed me and I have to confirm my contact info is right I already went in the pha local office and updated my contact info now on the website I having issues can you help me my email changed and I need them to know and have my new one please my name is jamie b threw hacsb new email address is *******

    1. Hi, if you changed your phone number or email, it is very important to contact the housing office you applied with immediately letting them know of the changes. It is easier to visit the PHA office located closest to you or in the area you live in. To get a list of the PHA offices in your state, you can visit the HUD website.

  15. I'm in need of housing and want it to apply for section 8 but I don't know we're to go online for the application please help my phone number is 18187145924

    1. Applications for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program are entirely free, and depending on the PHA, will be available online, by mail or at the local housing authority’s office. For further information visit

  16. I need help with identity theft I'm waiting for an answer from disability in have no income in didn't get no stimulus no unemployment binifites no civic benefits they getting all everything im homeless im taking my ged next week can y'all help me

    1. If someone is using your identity to get housing benefits. You can file a complaint right online, or you can call the Housing Discrimination Hotline: (800) 669-9777

  17. Hi my name is Renee
    My daughter died Dec 1st 2021
    Now iam raising my 2 granddaughters iam on social security I can't afford to get a place I really need help from section 8 please consider helping us out ty .

    1. If you are interested in applying for a voucher, contact the local PHA. For further assistance, please contact the HUD Office nearest to you.

    2. I’ve been on the streets for 3 years and have multiple sclerosis I really need help and need shelter ASAP please help me please

  18. Just applied for section 8 I'm disabled,I want to confirm that you got my application,and confirm my contact info Thank. You Kimberley

    1. Hi Kimberly,

      To check on your Section 8 Application call (213) 252-2500, or (213) 252-1213 or write to: Section 8 Application Processing Intake & Contracting (APIC), 2600 Wilshire Blvd., 5TH Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90057.

  19. It’s my first time doing this I just became disabled I need help for applying for housing & be put on the waiting list Hope you can help me Thanks Luis

  20. hello I live in san jose I am a victim of domestic violence and I live on the street as a homeless man he was imprisoned for 5 months when he left he gave me another beating because I did not want to return to the house with him and I put him in prison another time he leaves in a month and I am afraid I look for help everywhere and the only thing they tell me that the refujios are full I work but I do not earn much the burning my car with my two puppies inside which died in the insendium and even seeing the police reports people do not help me do not know q police reports and seeing that I do not lie to them mo help me hopefully algien look and understand this message and help me thank you

  21. Ashley.
    In October I applied to a apartment complex that accepted shra/sec. 8. I'm new to the process and assumed since I have a "t number" that I had been approved for a voucher. So I applied. I paid the application fee turned in what I believed to be all my paperwork and then when everything was looking good I gave them a "holding" deposit down for the apartment. I was questioning and informing the property manager that this was the 1st time I'd worked with shra and had no clue what I was doing. I figured that they would be able to read my social security number and connect with this HR and find out any information that they might need that wasn't the case. Long story short they rejected my application because I couldn't come up with a single piece of paper from them. After this happened they told me that they were going to refund my deposit and it would be in the mail weeks passed then months and I have called and left numerous messages called the corporate office as well it wasn't until I had threatened to make a police report and turn them into the Housing Authority that they finally called me back . They told me that my holding deposit was non-refundable a $200 holding deposit is a significant loss when you're already homeless with your teenager and two small dogs. They said that their application clearly states that the holding deposit is nonrefundable when your application is denied because you didn't provide the correct papers required. The required paperwork said nothing about Section 8., what I did read said that the only time it was deposited was after your application was approved and at that point you're holding deposit was used towards the apartment deposit and was nonrefundable so I don't understand how they could legally keep my holding deposit or how they can get away with this being connected to shra Section 8. Fair housing. I felt wronged after already being wronged from an illegal landlord lockout, and no justice or accountability has been enforced outdated neither. What good are laws when anyone has to run in circles trying to figure it out with no guidance I filed what seems to be every wrong area trying to figure out this legal issue I've applied to numerous complexes that I can't apply to because I actually don't have the voucher but I have a tea number. When you're feeling desperate and you've been kicked out by people doing illegal things and nobody gives you guidance it's very disheartening something so simple as telling you where you need to go and what you need to do with a clear answer instead you expend valuable time and lose money that you can't afford to lose, months pass and your still exactly where you started but time has taken thousands and your landlord looks at you and laughs because as you struggle they are still warm, kept everything you had, and got away with it. You are stupid because though your right your landlord knew you'd never be able to get an attorney, you'd be to busy surviving. What can I do? I've done just about everything 6 months have past and all I do now is lay in bed and cry awaiting that day the hotel locks me out because I can't get anything.

    1. Hi Alias,

      Sorry about what you’ve had to go through. Please visit your local PHA office to know what options you have in order to move forward.

  22. I moved to Dallas,Tx and just been putting in Section 8 and public housing applications all in Texas and I’m not getting no luck. My little family of 3 been staying in Motels since April 2021, I really need some help!

    1. Hi Geneva,

      Have you tried inquiring on why your application keeps getting rejected. If you haven’t , please do. It will enable you to know what you aren’t getting right in your application that keeps getting it rejected. In the meantime, you may apply for section 8 in another state. This may take longer as many housing programs give “residency preference.

    1. Hello,

      To get a section 8 housing voucher, first of all find your local Public Housing Agency (PHA). Then determine if you are eligible before obtaining an application for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program

        1. Please contact your local housing authority to apply for emergency housing. For more information, you may read through our article here.

    1. So sorry to hear this, but you have to Contact your PHA office nearest to you to submit an application for the section 8 housing voucher. You can also check online at the HUD website to submit your application and get other information.

  23. I am homeless and I am pregnant and I have a 5 years old son my rent too expensive I got no job only have ssi I need your help my babyfather don’t have no job he have ssdi from government

    1. Hi Maria,

      To get housing assistance, you have to apply for section 8 at your local housing authority office to get qualified for housing assistance.

  24. Please I need help a s.a.p. . Me and my family live in a bus. Is very cold at night and when it rains the water comes inside. One of my daughters has severe depression and the school councler advised me to take her to the hospital cause my daughter conference about hurting her self. They took her in an ambulance to Sacramento. I have picked her up and she is with me 24/7. I took her out of school and continue with homeschooling. I cry everyday cause I feel ashamed and worthless cause I can't give them a decent place to live. Can you please help me?

    1. I am so sorry to hear about this. Kindly inform the housing authority around you to submit a section 8 application which would enable you get housing assistance when placed on an emergency housing list.

  25. HI Ashley,
    thank you so much for any updates you let in me know.Do you think how much longer should I have to wait.

    1. The wait time depends on your PHA office and how many applications were submitted before you as they are responded to in a specific order of first cone first serve.

      1. I do believe I put in for Section 8 it’s been about 2 or 3 years I was wanting to check on my application I have five kids no income

  26. I've applied for section 8 here recently and I'm waiting to get some type of response from my pha here in Tucson. Okay I was receiving housing a couple of years ago but it was thru cope. I was evected because they said I was engaging in criminal activity. Cops were never called to my house at all for this "so-called" criminal activities I was engaged in. My question is will I be denied section 8 housing for this reason. I've been out of prison for almost 8 years with no type of criminal trouble at all…. What's are my chances

    1. To get to understand how to apply for section 8 due to your past record, you can read on our previous article on can a felon get qualified. You can also speak with the housing authority to know about your chances at applying for the housing program.

  27. i was on section 8 many years ago but since I was at my dad's alot I didn't feel right having it so I heard of this elderly man that if he didn't find a place in the next 2 days he would lose his section 8 so I gave my notice that I wanted out at this time so it all worked out I didn't feel like I was taking advantage of section 8 but now that my dad passed away I need section 8 help again l dont get much income from SSA are retirement so I could use some assistance from someone thanks
    Mary. P.

    1. To get assistance, please get in touch with the PHA office where you intially began your previous application process to check if you are able to continue with the application or there is a need to start all over again.

    1. Hi tanya,

      Yes you can apply for the Section 8 housing voucher if you are currently working but your income must be below the average median income in your area and you can qualify as a low-income earner.

  28. I'm injured on Social Security disability with nowhere to go! I'm living in a house that should be illegal because there's black mold coming through the walls and so I'm being forced out with nowhere to go so the owner can paint over the mold and double the rent!

  29. I am lookin for a lot more affordable place to rent. My income is below poverty level, when i have to pay for everything right now. I collect disability and want to go to a less expensive home)

  30. I'm disabled they say I've been on the waiting list since 2018. I live with my son.and his 6 kids plus my greatgrand son. He has 6 dogs. I pay him rent. I need help from section 8 to help me get my own place. Because of health issues. Dont have enough income to get into a place. So is there anyway I could get help to top of the list if not finally my voucher. Please.

    1. Kindly pay a visit to the PHA office in your area to get started on your section 8 housing application and you can also submit an online application here.

    1. Hello serian,

      Please visit your local housing authority to apply for public housing. Also go through our article here on how to apply for free housing for single mums.

  31. Heloooo my name is Stephanie. I am homeless living in my car With my boyfriend and our 2 dogs!!!!! I applied for hCV bt I NDA to apply for emergency homeless voucher I hv left 2 messg with HUD hopefully soon I hear bk from someone or I can get priority on the waitlist that would be a blessing and cldnt be more happier to get outa my car with these freezing temperatures lately! I have also been applying towards anything that’s come my way hopefully boosts things up much faster! Thank you for your time and for you assistance of helping me bttr understand the process of all this housing benefits and assistance!

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      To get priority to bypass a waiting list, immediately call a local public housing authority in your town or county near you

        1. Comuníquese con la autoridad de vivienda donde se registró para conocer su estado. Luego puede volver a solicitar la sección 8 en otra autoridad de vivienda

  32. Can you please help me im on the waiting list section 8 i applied last year for emergency housing im homeless but its keeps sending me to the rules in want to know my status if I qualify im also working part time for over 1yr

        1. Once you qualify for Section 8 rental assistance and are placed on a waitlist, you can call your local public housing authority every 2-3 months to confirm that you’re still on the list and whether you’re moving up. You can also call your local HUD office and request the same information.

  33. Im a 78 years old with a fixed income just my SS payments I need to move before June and I don't have money to move out or a place that I can afford

  34. My name is David J. and I am homeless in Dallas Texas and I have applied for housing every way I can got on the list and done everything I can to get help. I understand that it's a process and I have to be patient. But I haven't gotten any help I don't know what else to do

    1. As an applicant, you have a right to find out where you are on a waiting list. If your application has been accepted. Because waiting lists are so long, you may want to contact the housing agency or landlord every so often to see what progress you are making on the waiting list.

  35. I am currently in need of housing assistance. I am retired and on a fixed income. I have copd and arthritis and have medical bills. I cannot afford anything over $600. I need a one bedroom ground floor apartment.

    1. HUD’s Public Housing Program helps fixed income seniors make their rent more affordable. To apply, contact your local housing authority.

    1. Hi Antoinette,

      To check your status on the waiting list, please contact the housing authority you registered with. A housing representative will be able to confirm your status.

    1. Hi Stella,

      You update your info by visiting the housing authority you initially applied at. If you’re just about applying, please contact your local housing authority.

  36. I'm checking in on my application. I tried to log in to the app and it won't let me. Be follow.up with me on my status plz. 657-***-***. Judy R.

  37. My wife and I are Disabled, living off my disability and low income, not able to afford our own housing due to our low income. Living now in a place that we can't afford, we are in threat of being homeless. Housing assistance is very much needed. sincerely Robert

    1. Hello

      You may apply for section 811 for disabled persons. Please contact your local public housing authority on how to go about this

  38. Heyy this is Lashena S. I'm looking forward to get section 8 for me and my kids this will be my first time on section 8

  39. I was sent a letter to tell me that I was accepted to get housing sent me a list of houses it was returned on time I was told when I called to check it out I was getting the housing after Christmas and then they said that I had 4 people on my list but it is only me and my sons whom I can not get until I have housing and my sister in law has them and they want to be with me. Help me please 🙏

    1. Once you’ve completed your housing needs, you can apply to get your sons back from your sister in law. Right now, focus more on getting a house by following through with your housing authority.

  40. First time applying to section 8 and me and my 2 kids currently staying in a hotel been homeless for awhile now

    1. Good, you’ve applied. Please ensure you contact where you did your application regularly to know your status updates

  41. I am trying to find a program that can help me. I want to purchase a home, my loan amount is only 150.000 cuz of my income. There are NO Mobile Homes for that price, plus it has to be 1976 an up. Nothing. I have 40.000 for down payment. I dont have a computer, just my phone. My credit score between the 3 is about 690-700. If there are any programs in the Mesa area, i would love to know. I trying to stay in my area Desert Sands Golf an Resort, cuz i have 14 Feral cats, most are fixed an few to go. If i leave, who is gonna care for them, unless i have a place of my own, to take them there. Please Help. Thank you
    Candy O.

    1. Hi Candy,

      The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and other federal agencies offer a variety of programs that may be able to help you purchase a home if you qualify for assistance. If you have a low income and need help buying your first home, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Housing Choice Voucher homeownership program may be able to help.

  42. Hi I was wondering once my name is put on the waiting list what’s next also I’ve applied once befor is the a Pacific person I need to speak to

    1. Hi,

      Once you qualify for Section 8 rental assistance and are placed on a waitlist, you can call your local public housing authority every 2-3 months to confirm that you’re still on the list and whether you’re moving up. You can also call your local HUD office and request the same information.

  43. I applied to the PHA through the emergency link in December because I’m living out of my broken down truck in a parking lot. Never heard anything so I call. I was told that they had no emergency link and it could take to year’s to get help. People in Florida are going through hell if their not rich and no one gives a damn. Thanks for nothing Government. I will remember this in 2024.

    1. Hello,

      Please try to apply to another housing authority for emergency housing. There are several in Florida. The particular one you contacted might be unable to help at the moment for reasons beyond their control.

    1. Hello,

      Please contact your local HUD office to know your status on the waitlist. You can also check your status online. HUD offers a Wait List Check functionality that will allow you to view the status of your online application. You’ll need to visit and be prepared to submit your name, year of birth, and Social Security number unless you’ve already set up a password.

  44. This is my frist time applying for this and I’m not sure that I did everything right . I’m a 60yrs old woman who is disabled and have been homeless most of the time since my husband passed 4 yrs ago . My disability have gotten worse and me and my dogs have no where to go . It’s really been hard on me for the last 6 months ,not just physically. But mentally and emotionally .and being without a home has kicked in my depression very badly . I hope you guys can help me to find a home and soon. Thank you

    1. Sorry for all you’ve been through. How did you apply? It would be best if you applied at your local PHA office. You can locate your local PHA’s contact information on HUD’s website at

    1. Usually a waiting list may take more than 1-2 years. During this period, ensure you call periodically to know your status on the waiting list. It enables them to know you’re really in need of housing and could help in fast tracking your process.

  45. I’ve been on the list since about almost 3 years and it’s me and my grandson and I and I pay $400 a month for rent and I’ll I draw is SI and that is a big chunk out of my check and child support which is $200 we would really like to get on section 8 so we don’t have to pay so much so we can start doing things Eligible or you’ll take me on then let me know thank you my name is Lisa C. and you have a great day

    1. Section 8 waitlist usually takes time. But to be on top of things, contact them regularly to know your waitlist status. It would also help if you’re elderly (62 years years and above) or have a family member with a disability. You may inform them if that’s either the case, it also helps.

  46. Hello,
    My name is Nakita. I’ve been on the section 8 housing list in Ventura for 9 years. I have 3 children that have been taken from me because I have been unable to provide them with a place to live. My youngest was adopted because of my situation. All i ever wanted in life was to be a mother and that has been taken from me because i have no home. I have now been homeless for the past 6 years. 4 years I was living in the river bottom and now I’ve been in my car for 2 years. I have tried calling section 8 asking if there is any way to be moved up on the list because of my situation and their response is, no. Please tell me how to moved up on the list so my children and I can be together again.

    1. Hello Nakita,

      So sorry about what you’ve gone through. There are several reasons why a local public housing authority may choose to move some eligible families to the top of the waitlist so they can find housing faster than others. To get priority you must either;

      -Have Extremely Low Income
      -Be Homeless
      -Reside in a Shelter
      -Have a Disability
      -Be Over Age 62
      -Be a Veteran

      The most important thing to do while on a Section 8 waiting list is to practice patience. You may be in for a long wait. But don’t give up. Stay in touch, ask lots of questions, and advocate for yourself and your household

  47. I’ve applied I really need to get section 8 I’m in a verbal abusive relationship I’m acussed of things that I’m not THE house I rented is sold so if I don’t get a place quickly I’ll have to go with him I can’t do this no more!! HELP ME OUT!!!

    1. Hi Emma,

      Please try to leave the verbally abusive relationship. Also, it’s good you’ve applied for section 8. Ensure to contact your local HUD office to request for information on whether you’ve been placed on a waitlist.

  48. Yes I’m confirming my Section 8 Voucher and I what to know of you are going to send me a letter of so send it to ***********
    Thak You

  49. How do I update my phone number and email address is there someone that I can email this information to . Thank you

    1. Hello,

      You can update your information by contacting the PHA you registered with. Also, you can search online on how to update your information as regards the kind of housing application you did.

      Please note that you are required to update any changes in your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, income and family size. If your PHA js unable to contact you due to a returned letter, your name will be removed from the waiting list.

  50. I’m on SSI I’m raising my grandson I have focused to have him I’ve been on your waiting list for a while almost 3 years so I was wondering when do you think that I would be able to

    1. Please check your local office’s website or call them for status updates. This will enable you know what your position is on the waiting list.

    1. Hello,

      Please check with the PHA you registered at and inform them of your impeding homelessness. This may enable your application be prioritised.

  51. I’m in need of a home now because the person I’ve lived with for 6 years took me off section 8 , 3 months ago without me knowing . I’m waiting to hear from section 8 voucher , I have very low income from SSI disability so if there’s a help I sure could use some she wants me out by the February 11

    1. Hi vickie

      There is always a waitlist. You should be able to call where you applied and find out approximately how long the wait is. Some HRA’s, have elderly/disabled preference. If you fall under either of those, you move closer to the top of the list.

  52. In the state of Virginia I have no clue what is going on since the list for housing was closed.
    I cannot verify whether I was placed on list when I first asked about assistance and feel it is ridiculous that sone organizations will not help you if you do not have a large enough income 🤦🏻‍♂️

    1. Look for other open wait lists in your area. Most big cities have 50+ different wait lists where you can apply. Small cities will usually have 10+ places you can apply.

  53. No one is there to help in Fresno California homeless people must be in a tent for 4 or more months to receive any help.

    1. To apply for emergency housing in California, visit your local Public Housing Agency (PHA). For questions about HUD rental programs, including Housing Choice (Section 8) Vouchers, visit

  54. Because of the benefits that I do receive I am unable to rent somewhere for myself to stay but I really need somewhere to stay please help me with this

        1. Hello, please submit an application on the HUD website or visit the nearest PHA office. You can get a list of the PHA offices in your area by checking online.

  55. I am looking to get on section8 because I need help with my rent and my disability is not that much for me because I live with family and if something happen to her I will have a place to live because rent is going up pass what I get from ssi. please help

    1. The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program is a form of government rent assistance. To get Section 8 housing, you will need to apply for a voucher at your local housing authority. Decide where you want to live and then find the local housing authorities that are in charge of those neighborhoods. Keep in mind: You can apply to housing authorities even if you don’t already live in that town.

    1. Hello Mssonia,

      Start by heading to the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s website to find the contact information for your local Public Housing Authority. Each PHA has the following contact information you can use to get in touch and begin the application process:

      -Phone number
      -Fax number
      -Email address

    1. Pregnant women who need housing assistance may qualify for programs through the Housing and Urban Development (HUD). To get more information on your application process, please contact your local HUD office.

  56. Hi, I tried looking for my name, where I’m at on the list. But I can’t find the page. To check this, can you help me out with this? My number is *********

    1. To find how to check your status on a waiting list, contact the housing provider for instructions. The method of how to find out your status varies by each office. Some offices do not provide your specific position on the waiting list, but can confirm if you are currently on the waiting list. Also note that when your online application reaches the top of the waitlist you will be notified by regular mail

    1. HUD helps apartment owners offer reduced rents to low-income tenants. To apply, contact or visit the management office of each apartment building that interests you at your local PHA.

  57. I’ve been homeless for over a yr in shelters,I’m disabled. I had a total colectomy with septic shock then a reversal for a illeonal j-pouch. Bag inside not outside. I wear briefs and can’t control bowels, I need tpn (iv fed) I don’t digest most foods. Rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. Recently lung disease. Permanent pneumonia and bronchitis called bronchiolitis. Cuffitis,entercoltis. Need a place ASAP and shelter helping me can’t help much longer. I have sec 8. Don’t know anything about it. I have 15 plus bowel movements daily and it’s liquid. I need a toilet and shower for when it just comes out. I’m really scared

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Sorry about your health. Please contact your local hud counselor for your housing assistance.

  58. Hello my name is Christopher I’m disabled and I’m living in my car right now trying to get my son back from da it’s kind of hard when I’m being homeless apply for Section 8 online but I think I need to go to the office and tell him about my disability you think I can get in quicker up sooner if I do check in with my disability cuz I’ve been kind of hard I’ve been living in my car for the last year-and-a-half now it’s kind of hard to do things my car is broken down and can’t get around so what should I do

    1. If you contact your PHA office where you application is been processed and explain your situation to them, you can get moved up the waiting list and get priority on the emergency waiting list. Wishing you all the best.

  59. Hi I am homeless at the moment and in need of getting a place for me and my two girls. I am staying in my car and working not making enough I am in need of some help to get back on my feet ASAP.

    1. Hi,

      To get a place, contact your local PHA. For more information, please read our article here for housing for single mothers.

  60. hi my name is monique im currently homeless i have a mental disability im about to start recieving my ssd and i need help with emergency housing

    1. Section 8 focused on assisting low-income families and also those with disability. Submit your application at the local housing authority close to you and state your claims to get prioritized.

  61. I live in amelia,va and i keep getting told by social services and my case manager from an organization called steps that WE DONT HAVE A PHA…i had also ran across a few that was combined counties and was told the richmond one is the one for my county thought ok get this ball rolling right!!! Dead end again those vhada hud houseing development places ive called tells me that all they do is privide the funding for the 1000 of umbrella orgaizations such as stepps to be able to be hands on cuz they are able to be local so im at a loss here courts had gotten invoved in my life since covid i had lost my house i had got an rv and ny daugtwr and i was staying in it on my dads property (whom is on hospice liver. cancer) his wife had a stroke and shes in a wheelchair paralized on her left side so he needed me there so cps gets called and i need to have a place court order or my child cant stay with me we are also extremely low income and currently staying in a shelter im a single mom its all very overwhelming but im trying to stay positive i have gotten a chunk of what all was required done whew dont know how though my # is ***** my name is sierra and lord i pray you can get me into a place as soon as next week

    1. hi, you have to visit a physical PHA office to state your claims here as they are in the best position to guide you on the necessary steps to take. If you don’t know any of their office address, check on the HUD website to get a list of addresses and numbers to contact.

  62. I’m off of work permanently on LTD, what a change from being able to take care of myself and my daughter with no problem, to getting Covid and shutting down my whole world. Now I need to apply for assistance section 8 because I can’t afford to take care of us, rent high, Utilities Expensive and car falling apart.

      1. I been looking for my voucher is me and my six year old and I’m in need of a place like ASAP if you can be so kind to look into it I’m ready to move my I lost my Uncle do to cov19 I need help for rent this month no one helping me I been asking I asked chap and care emergency system and I’m not getting no response from nobody I’m in need of help what do a person have to do to get help in this world my number ***

        1. Hi, I advise you to visit the PHA office and formerly submit an application for the Section 8 housing voucher. In this way, you would be able to speak with an officer who would guide you on the relevant steps to take.

  63. Hi, I can understand the waiting period, but me and my daughter she only a minor and I am disabled. We got EVICTED over a year already and we’re been homeless sleep in someone’s garage. Since I couldn’t able to work and seen by the specialist, I still couldn’t find any help,we both don’t have any INCOME at all since I couldn’t able to work from 2020 to now. We both are truly suffered and truly needed HELP as an emergency please.. please 🙏🙏🙏 HELP. Me and my daughter been sleep in someone’s garage on one small sofa together for a year already please 🙏🙏🙏

    1. Hi, check the past article on housing assistance for single moms here to get information on other types of housing assistance with quicker response than section 8.

  64. I am on the edge of being homeless I’m with a verbally abusive relative don’t like to pay bills she stealing my SSI benefits what I get for my retarded daughter that still in high school and I’m trying to get my on self an apartment or a house just trying to look into of relocating to better neighborhood. Thanks for reading my concern.comment back! !

  65. Hello! First off, I’d like to give a major Thanks to you guys for helping provide information that’s legitimate and helpful. Now, my main concern is, I thought I did apply for the section 8/HUD programs, but after clicking the waitlist link you provided, apparently I did not. Could you possibly send me the actual link for the application or applications,to even get on these waitlists, as I’m being evicted at the moment, and am on Disability with a 17yr old, in his final year of high school. And, my son is questioning whether or not he should drop out of school and get a job, just so that we can find stability, but I don’t want that for him, I’d love for him to graduate.

    1. Hello Arian,

      Good day! Actually, at the moment, most of the HUD’s websites are not working. So we highly advice you to go personally to your nearest local PHA office and ask them what’s the best way to apply for any housing programs that might fit in your situation and you might get qualified for.

      However, We love to hear your heartful thoughts on some matters regarding the housing programs and situations in the United States.

      Pls come and join our growing community:

      See you there, thank you!

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